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A great thing about both North Carolina and South Carolina is the temperate climate.

Best Places Carolina LifestylesThe climate in North Carolina and South Carolina provides the ability for nearly year round outdoor activities.

From sports to festivals there is something for everyone at every age.  Both Carolinas really take advantage of this fact and pack their calendars full of events.

Some of the more famous events include the Bele Chere music festival held in Asheville NC.  The 17-day long, performing arts festival, Spoleto, held yearly in Charleston SC.   And the award winning Beaufort Water Festival, held in Beaufort SC.

In addition to these, there are festivals focusing on everything from peanuts and okra, to historical festivals.  And plenty of music festivals to keep you rocking into the evening.

After all the time you spend outdoors, in the woods, on the road, and at these festivals, you’re bound to work up a mighty appetite.

While its great to visit the food centered festivals for mass doses of your favorite grub, North Carolina and South Carolina can fill you up everyday of the week with great food.

North Carolina is known first for its barbecue, and it is taken very seriously. There are two types of barbecue;

  1. Eastern, with its red pepper and vinegar based sauce, and
  2. Western, which uses a tomatoes and brown sugar in addition to the red pepper and vinegar

Now, I’m not going to weigh in on which is better, but I highly recommend you try them both in large portions. One of my favorite spots is Lexington Barbecue #1 off of Highway 29-70 South, in Lexington NC.

The Carolinas are known for their great seafood as well, and especially in South Carolina.

The marshes and protected coastal waterways create countless habitats for shrimp, and crab.  If you’re a seafood lover and you love the water you may want to consider any of the SC coastal towns as your best place to live.

South Carolina’s distinctive style for cooking seafood is called, “Calabash.” Originating in the town of the same name, Calabash style cooking dips the seafood in evaporated milk, then a breading mixture (whose recipes are guarded closely), and then it’s deep-fried.

Moving away from the coastline, the mountains of Western North Carolina specialize in river trout, which some people say rival their coastal cousins for seafood supremacy.

Other regional favorites include pimiento cheese (a spreadable mixture of sharp cheddar cheese, mayo, and pimientos), in the north central Piedmont part of NC.

Moravian style deserts outside of Winston-Salem NC, she-crab soup in Charleston SC, country ham, fried chicken, hush-puppies, biscuits and gravy, and many more.

Whether your headed for North Carolina or South Carolina as your best place to live, cooking is all about comfort, family, and food that will keep you coming back for seconds.

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