Why You Should Move to the Carolinas


Why You Should Move To The CarolinasIf you’re reading this, I’m assuming you already have your share of reasons why you think the Carolinas might be your best place to live.

You might have neighbors, family, or friends who have raved about the finer points of the Carolinas until they’re blue in the face.

Well, it’s my turn to tell you some of the reasons I love North Carolina and South Carolina.

Not many states can match North Carolina and South Carolina in sheer variety of geographical diversity.

And before I forget to tell you, make sure you check out all the articles in the Lifestyle section in particular.  You’ll find I had to spread my reasons for moving to the Carolinas into several articles as this one would be quite long.

Okay so on with the reasons why I love North Carolina and South Carolina.

The richness of history and natural beauty is one of my top reasons for loving the Carolinas.

In the span of four hours you can go from the Smoky Mountains in Asheville NC, to the beautiful beaches and blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean outside of Charleston, SC.

In between the two, you’ll pass through lush farmlands and forests dotted with clear lakes, and laced with flowing rivers.

From the streets of Charleston, to the historic sand dunes of the Outer Banks in North Carolina, history surrounds you in the Carolinas.

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Another great thing about both North Carolina and South Carolina is the temperate climate.

The climate provides the ability for nearly year round outdoor activities no matter where you decide your best place is to live.

From sports to festivals there is something for everyone at every age.  Both states really take advantage of the temperate climate and pack their calendars full of events.

Did I tell you I’m a real foodie?

I love great food and both North Carolina and South Carolina have their share of rich down home cooking.  Continue Reading About Festivals and Food in the Carolinas …

If you’ve got time to work, after you’re done playing outside and chowing down, North Carolina and South Carolina are a great place to get to it.

Anyone looking for work in North Carolina is going to find that the long recent economic downturn has made things challenging but not impossible.

Yes, the state has an unemployment rate above the national average but that number has dropped significantly in the last year and all recent economic surveys suggest that North Carolina’s economy is expanding and jobs are being created.  More About Jobs In North Carolina…

South Carolina was hit hard by the recent economic downturn and its unemployment rate at one time soared above 12%.  That has come down significantly in the last year but the state is still in the double digit range much like North Carolina.

Among the things that have hurt the South Carolina economy over the last couple years were drops in tourism, the real estate implosion, manufacturing layoffs and even drops in prices for its many agricultural and extractive industries.  Learn More About Jobs In South Carolina…

Another reason I love the Carolinas is that depending upon your lifestyle needs North Carolina and South Carolina have some excellent health care providers.  Continue Reading About Health Care In The Carolinas…

And last but not least is the affordability of North Carolina and South Carolina.

Where can you buy a nice house for under $150,000, and the real estate taxes are affordable?  That definitely is one of the reasons NC and SC are on my list of the Best Places To Live.  Check Out Over 60 Best Places in NC and SC To Buy A House Under $150,000 ….

Whether it be affordability, business, food, or fun in the sun that draws you to North Carolina and South Carolina, there are plenty of reasons to decide it is your best place to relocate or retire.

Everyone has their own favorite part of these states, and the only way to find yours, is to come experience North Carolina and South Carolina for yourself.

You’re in for a treat!

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