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If you’re North Carolina best places to live is a relatively quiet affordable place then you have to check out small town living in .

Small Town Living North Carolina Best Places To LiveBy small town living in North Carolina I mean generally anyplace with a population upwards of 30,000 people and less.

In fact many of the cities and towns we consider the North Carolina best places to live, relocate or retire iare small towns.

For instance, small town living in North Carolina like

All on our list of North Carolina best places to live.

When you start looking at small towns as a place to retire or relocate in North Carolina, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind.  The appeals of small towns are many.

For instance most small towns in North Carolina are generally quieter, have a good sense of community and community involvement.

Small town living in North Carolina best places to live also usually means less traffic, lower property and sales taxes and the housing costs are much more affordable.

It’s advantageous to look for small towns just outside larger metropolitan areas, small college towns or areas where there are clusters of smaller communities.

Other advantages of choosing your North Carolina best places to live in a small town is that it includes less traffic, more affordable housing and usually lower taxes. 

You might also find some great old houses just waiting for you to restore them.

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Small town living in North Carolina near larger urban areas or in a college town assure that you are a short distance from big town style goods and services.  As well as ensuring intellectual stimulation and a more cosmopolitan local population.

Clusters of smaller communities don’t quite have the same advantages, but proximity tends to enhance the high points of each community and provide some local variety for those newly relocated.

There are some drawbacks to small town living in North Carolina.  Some of the North Carolina best places to live you may pick are not very diverse. Nor are they looking to outsiders to run everything.

Some smaller communities are located quite a ways from good shopping, interesting cultural events and a number of key services that you may consider essential.

Whatever your thoughts about small town living in North Carolina, here are some of our favorite North Carolina best places to live.

  • Coastal New Bern ~ New Bern is one of North Carolina’s oldest towns offering a quaint small town atmosphere.  It has local history and access to great shopping, restaurants and the beach.
  • NC Mountain Boone ~ Home to Appalachian State University, Boone has a lot going for it.  An agreeable climate, beautiful mountain scenery, and a diverse population.   Small town living in North Carolina Boone has a lot of things to do events around the university including outdoor recreation make Boone a great place to live.
  • Piedmont Lenoir ~ Lenoir has a wonderful downtown showing a lot of small town appeal.  And a commitment to community development.  Lenoir is also in a good place to access local cities and towns from Boone to Asheville.
  • Piedmont Salisbury ~ Salisbury has a nice combination of affordable housing, a vibrant social and cultural life, and a location near not only a number of colleges but large metropolitan areas like Charlotte, NC and Winston-Salem, NC.
  • Mountain Town of Bryson City ~ Located in the Smokies, Bryson City offers beautiful views, affordable housing and access to not only a lot of other small local communities but state highways and interstates to go wherever you want.

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