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Let’s face it…Health Care in the Carolinas and by that I mean at least good health care, seems to be pretty close to the top of the list of what makes an area onto a list Health Care In The Carolinasof the best towns and cities to live in the Carolinas.

However, depending upon your lifestyle needs, you may require a very close proximity to some of North Carolina and South Carolinas leading providers.

Both North Carolina and South Carolina have excellent health care facilities and Medical Universities.

However to be honest, geographical areas are not created equal where healthcare is concerned.

If your Carolinas lifestyle includes the need for excellent health care facilities close by…

North Carolina is home to four medical universities:

  • UNC Hospitals are located in Piedmont North Carolina Chapel Hill:

    The UNC Health Care System is a not-for-profit integrated health care system, owned by the State of North Carolina and based in Chapel Hill.

    One of it’s missions is teaching at the University of North Carolina and to provide state-of-the-art patient care.

    UNC Health Care has been granted broad powers by the North Carolina General Assembly to assure its management flexibility and competitiveness in a rapidly changing health care business environment.

  • Duke University - Durham NC:

    Duke offers every level of health service, from prevention and primary care to the most sophisticated specialty services, at locations throughout central North Carolina and beyond.

    The flagship Duke University Hospital on our Duke University Medical Center campus, Durham Regional Hospital, and Duke Raleigh Hospital — as well as home care and hospice services and dozens of primary and specialty care clinics in communities throughout the region.

  • Wake Forest UniversityWinston-Salem NC:

    Wake Forest “University Baptist Medical Center (WFUBMC), one of the nation’s preeminent academic medical centers, is an integrated health care system that operates 1,056 acute care, rehabilitation, long-term, and psychiatric care beds, outpatient services, and community health and information centers.

    The Medical Center has 22 subsidiary or affiliate hospitals and operates more than 100 outreach activities throughout the region.

  • East Carolina UniversityGreenville NC

    University Health Systems strives to support local medical communities and to work with providers throughout the region to deliver quality care.

    The goal of East Carolina University is to enhance services that are available locally and to eliminate barriers involving time, distance and lack of awareness that sometimes prevent patients from receiving the care they need.

South Carolina has a medical college in Coastal Charleston, and major hospitals in Piedmont Columbia SC and Upstate Greenville SC/Spartanburg.

The MUSC Wellness Center in Charleston is a facility dedicated to good health.  The center fosters the development of healthy lifestyles through the promotion of wellness attitudes and practices.

North Carolina and South Carolina Best Places To Live Retire Or RelocateUltimate Guide To Finding Your Best Places To Live In The Carolinas

Make Your NC and SC Dream Come True!

Be sure as you research finding your best place to live in North Carolina and South Carolina.  You decide on the town or city that serves your health care needs before you move.  Make sure to find out the health care costs in that area.

No matter whether you decide to move to in North Carolina or South Carolina, you will be well cared for.  As you can see there is excellent health care in the Carolinas.

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