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Best Places Carolina Lifestyles Jobs and TransportationRight about now I can imagine you are saying …

“Bob what does transportation have to do with jobs?”

And more importantly what does all this have to do with finding my North Carolina or South Carolina best places to live relocate or retire in ?

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Hot jobs in North Carolina and South Carolina include, medical, technology, banking, education, and manufacturing.

The Carolinas had historically been known as a textiles center.  However, in the past couple of decades many textile manufacturers moved their plants overseas, and left a number of skilled workers behind.

Many corporations have taken note of the amount of skilled workers, and tax benefits in the Carolinas and have moved in.

North Carolina is famous for the Research Triangle Park outside of Chapel Hill, Raleigh and Durham (the largest research park in the world).

Other areas of notable interest are the Piedmont Triad Research Park, near Winston-Salem, NC, and University City outside of Charlotte, NC (the second largest banking center in the U.S.).

In addition to these best places to live, many other cities, including Columbia SC, and Charleston SC have great reputations as blooming business centers.

The infrastructure of North Carolina and South Carolina is great, and improving daily.

The Carolinas are crisscrossed by 6 major interstates and over 100,000 miles of state highways.

According to, by 2006, 96% of North Carolina had access to four-lane highways within ten minutes.

These great road systems make getting to and from work a breeze.  And they also make getting to the beach or the mountains equally easy.

A word of caution though, some areas, including parts of the Raleigh, NC, Wilmington, NC, and Hilton Head Island, SC areas can experience heavy traffic during peak times.

When considering where your Carolina best place to live is, choose not only the area but also your home’s location carefully.  Believe it or not, positioning yourself on the wrong side of the road could cost you time everyday.

Commuting back and forth to work, taking the kids to school or merely going to the store could turn into a very long process.

Some of the greatest amount of growth is occurring along the I-85 corridor. I-85 stretches from its southern point in Montgomery, Alabama to its northern terminus in Petersburg, Virginia.  The states I-85 runs through have been aggressive in attracting business opportunities, offering incentives to plant operators, and helping to train workers.

Connecting Charlotte NC, and Atlanta GA, towns along I-85 are growing rapidly, and the route is approaching megalopolis status similar to the connection of urban development linking Boston MA and Washington D.C. along I-95.

If all this development is making you a bit wary about sinking your teeth into finding your best place to live in North Carolina or South Carolina, especially if you’re interested in a quieter pace of life, don’t worry.

There are plenty of quiet little towns, less than an hour drive from the interstates that have no intention of changing any time soon. But as always, make sure you do your homework.

Finding your best places to live in North Carolina or South Carolina is of the utmost importance.

Oh…if you’re concerned about visiting loved ones not living in the Carolinas, don’t worry, travel by plane is easy as pie.

The Carolinas are home to 6 major airports in convenient locations.

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