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North Carolina And South Carolina LifestylesThroughout the years as I talk to members of POV, the most common question I get asked is….

How do I know I will like living in North Carolina or South Carolina?

And I’ve found most of us have chosen to relocate or retire to North Carolina or South Carolina for two main reasons:

  1. Climate
  2. Affordability

When you think about those two reasons they seem simple enough.

What I have found is that no matter the reason be it a change in climate or a change in affordability, it will most certainly change my lifestyle from what it currently is.

Now that doesn’t mean in a bad way.  It just means change.  And we all know how much we love change.

Take for example you want to move to North Carolina or South Carolina for a change in climate.

What does a change in climate mean to you?  What change in climate do you want? How will it change your daily life?  How will it change the life of your family members? Will it change the type of clothing you will need?  Will the car you have now be appropriate?

For example:  If you’re moving from Florida to the North Carolina Mountains because you want more seasons, make sure you understand you will need to buy coats, boots, gloves, winter clothes, etc.  If your used to being able to garden and be outside each day in Florida…that most likely will not be in the case in the middle of January in the mountains of NC.  Maybe you need to consider living closer to the North Carolina coastline and for a bit warmer the South Carolina coastline.

Depending upon where in the Carolinas you decide is your best place to live, the climate could be a significant change from what you’re used to.

If you’ve decided the coastline of the Carolinas is for you and you’re from Boston, you may experience warmer weather year round.   That sounds great but’re not going to be seeing the leaves changing in the fall.  There will be higher humidity levels and the chance of hurricanes however, you won’t be needing a winter coat, boots, gloves, etc.

However you might not like living with the chance of hurricanes and opt for the North Carolina Piedmont region or the South Carolina Piedmont region.  There are lots of choices.

But then you might not find Maine Lobsters are less expensive than in Boston either.

As for a change in affordability in North Carolina and South Carolina, who doesn’t want to live in an area that is more affordable.  However, even with that there may be changes you didn’t think of.

There will be things that living in a more affordable place doesn’t offer that you are currently used to getting.

If your used to going out to dinner and paying $45.00 for a rib eye steak, chances are you will find a restaurant with a rib eye steak for $20.00 but it won’t be dry aged, it will be prime beef.

You get my drift.

Ultimate Guide Of The Best Places To Live In North Carolina and South CarolinaUltimate Guide To Finding Your Best Places To Live In The Carolinas

Make Your Dream Come True!

Lifestyle is subjective and means different things to each of us.

And there is no guarantee you are going to like living in the Carolinas.  Or that you will like the Carolina lifestyle.

I wish I could promise you that you will find your best place to live in the Carolinas and live happily ever after.  I hope you do but in the end, all you can do is make sure know what is important to you and go for it.

Just be sure when you choose your Carolina best place you take into consideration where you live now, and what’s important to you.

No matter what your reason is for choosing to relocate or retire to North Carolina or South Carolina make sure you really know the lifestyle you want.  Take the time to make sure the areas you have chosen will provide you with that lifestyle.  I can not stress that enough.

The most common reason I am told by people that they are having difficulty in finding their best place to live in the Carolinas is they aren’t sure if they will be happy there.


No matter where you choose to live, living in  North Carolina or South Carolina is going to be different.  That I CAN guarantee you.  There will be things you miss about where you live now and there will be things in your new area hopefully you will love.

For me, I have to ask myself…

Will I miss my dry aged rib eye steak?

Enjoy the journey!

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