Green Building In The Carolinas – Solar and Wind


Green Building In The Carolinas - Solar and Wind In Your Best Place In The CarolinasGreen Building usually means a tax savings!

Many states offer tax credits and incentive programs for people using their own solar or wind powered systems.

Check to see if your state has any programs.

Using solar or wind power, you can even tie into the grid, and if you produce more power than you use, get paid for it.

That’s right…YOU get paid.

Costs for either system can start at around $12,000, and typically take about 7 to 10 years to pay for themselves.

Imagine not having an energy bill, but being sent an energy check!

For information on Solar Power visit:  In a statement released in November of 2011 “SEPA President Commends CPS Energy for Solar Energy Project Decisions Washington, D.C. – In January of 2011, CPS Energy – the largest municipal electric and gas utility in the United States – issued an RFP for 50 MW of solar projects.

In a move that surprised many in the solar industry, the utility then announced in July that based on the proposal prices it received it was expanding plans to include 400 rather than 50 MW of solar energy.” states: ” The good news lately in the solar PV market is that the price for solar panels is continuing to decline here in the United Sates and in the UK.

“The continued drop in prices is being driven by excess module supplies coming from manufacturers that are still producing more than the market can absorb,” Solarbuzz reports in it’s November, 2011, Retail Module Price Index summary. “…support
for this industry will yield an economically self-sustaining solar energy source.” ”

For Information on Wind Energy visit: News last month states:  “Top 10 for 2011:  Wind power achieves many milestones this year.  Industry gears up for an important coming year with a look back at the newsmaking events of 2011.  WASHINGTON, DC, December 27, 2011– Wind power hits 20 percent overall in two states. It contributes a record 50 percent for a period of time in another. And the turbines that pump out all those electrons? Their cost has dropped 33 percent.

The wind power industry never sits still in any given year, and 2011 was no different, as it forged ahead with a slew of benchmarks, policy progress, and hard data that illustrate wind energy continuing its march forward as a mainstream, reliable and affordable energy source made in America.” who proudly states:  “The Power of Wind is Yours for the Taking
The awesome power of wind is all around us. It’s whistling across our yards and over our roofs. Rippling our flags and blowing through our hair. It’s a free resource. No one owns it. But you can use it. With a residential wind turbine you can harness the wind to power your home, reduce pollution, lower electric bills and decrease dependence on foreign oil. And you can do it right from your backyard. The opportunity is yours for the taking.”

Not ready for solar or wind power yet?  Even if you don’t choose to install solar or wind power, you can opt to buy your electricity from renewable sources.

Check to see if you live in one of the 36 states with a renewable energy program.

“The U.S. Department of Energy funds R&D to develop energy efficient and renewable energy technologies, practices, and products for homes. Learn about DOE programs and initiatives to improve energy use in homes, how to use efficient and renewable energy technologies and get financial incentives, and access information to save energy and money at home.”

If your state doesn’t offer a renewable energy program,  you can purchase carbon offsets from a company such as or renewable energy credits from

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