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Green Building Your Best Place To Live In The Carolinas 
Green Building Site work minimizes the environmental impact of the house during and after construction.

Minimizing the environmental impact of the site work during your home renovation or construction is a great way to begin your journey into Green Building practices.

Prior to choosing your contractors, be sure to find out what his thoughts, practices and intention is on your project.

You can achieve minimal environmental impact by building a home only as large as you need in order to disturb the least amount of your site.

During the process of finding your best place to live be sure to include a site selection that can accomplish your intentions to be Green.

Before you select a location for your home, look at the site and determine where the most native plants are located, check to see if you’ll be disturbing a wetland or other sensitive area.

If there are many trees on the site, figure out if you can transplant them, rather than simply cutting them down.

This may cost more up front, but it has been proven that mature trees on a property increase a home’s value.

If you do transplant trees, it would be wise to place them on the western side of the home in order to provide shade from the summer sun, which would decrease your cooling costs.

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Bob Bencivenga is a professional site locator and location analyst for major corporations.Bob researches the growth of NC and SC to find the Best Places to Retire or Relocate that are still affordable. Bob Does Not Sell Real Estate!

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