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Green Building In The Carolinas - Recycled Materials In Your Best Place To Live In The CarolinasWhat do you know about Green Building?

The use of recycled materials and materials whose production can be sustained without harming people or the environment can help to save the environment?

Every home built creates hundreds to thousands of pounds of waste. Wow!!!

Using recycled products, and products which are created using sustainable methods can drastically reduce the impact of your home on the earth.

Simply enough right?!  Okay maybe you have never thought about this before.

Something for you to think about and this is just one area of Green Building.  I’m sure you can find lots of other ways as well….

If you love hardwood floors and it’s a must in your best place to live (as seems to be a trend right now), where are you going to get them?

Is your contractor going to go to the local store and buy them new?  Where did they come from?  How many trees were harvested to produce your beautiful new floors?

With a little bit of effort, especially if your relocating or retiring in North Carolina or South Carolina, you can re-purpose salvage from an old barn for your floors.

Not only are they beautiful but they are environmentally friendly.  You just saved a lot of trees not to mention the fuel to transport your newly produced hardwood floors.

If you love the look of hardwood floors, but can’t stand the thought of cutting old growth forests, you can still have it both ways.

Visit to learn about a company that is salvaging wood from old barns and other sources to build beautiful floors.  Then find one in your area for your new home.

Some really great new products for Green Building include roof tiles, made from recycled glass, and counter tops, floors, and vanities made from either recycled glass or porcelain culled from recycled tubs, toilets, and sinks.

For More Ideas and Information Check out:

I have to add a caveat to this conversation. Pay very close attention to the distance from which your products are shipped.

It doesn’t do much good to floor your home with bamboo if it is shipped thousands of miles, and if the forests where the bamboo was grown where created by destroying rain forest.

Companies which are truly environmentally conscious will let you know where and how they make their products.

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