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Green Building Your Best Place To Live In The CarolinasIf you are one of the many who feel it is important to live in a place where green, environmentally friendly development and building practices are taken seriously then you’ll be glad to know Green Building in South Carolina in alive and well.

Although not commonly known as an “eco-friendly” place, Green Building in South Carolina has come a long way toward adopting and encouraging green practices.

South Carolina is  sporting one of the fastest growing “green economy” sectors in the country and home to many noteworthy green development projects, like Dewees Island in Charleston SC or Withers Preserve near Myrtle Beach SC.

In fact, green building has become quite popular among many local developers in South Carolina, which is good news for future residents looking for green homes in South Carolina.

Recently a platinum-level LEED certified home was completed in Plantation Lakes, SC; one of only 144 such homes nationwide.

The South Carolina chapter of USGBC has branches in all four regions of the state and is an active promoter of more green practices and recently the state government has gotten into the act by passing legislation ensuring all new state building projects will be LEED certified.

The state of South Carolina has also encouraged the growth of the state’s “green economy” which has grown from nothing to almost 900 green businesses and over 11,000 green jobs in a little over ten years.

Some of the exciting new Green Building in South Carolina projects at work include a new biomass energy plant in Hartsville SC and further study of future coastal wind farms.

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