Panelized Homes In The Carolinas


Panelized Homes In The CarolinasPanelized homes are another higher quality option for factory built homes.

Panelized homes differ from modular homes in that the walls, roofing, and flooring are all assembled in a factory and then put together on the site.

Greater options exist for flexibility of design, and less stress is placed on the home during transit.

Finishes and appliances are selected, purchased, and installed by the owner/buyer on site. Panelized homes take longer to finish on the site than modular homes.

Some people like panelized homes because of the sweat equity they can put into them, and therefore save some construction costs. Panelized homes are also attractive to green minded people, as they eliminate a large amount of the typical waste associated with building a home.

Typically, the panels contain high quality insulation comparative to stick-built or modular homes, although attention must be paid to the joining of the sections to limit leakage.

Panelized homes must adhere to the local building regulations where they will be sited.

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What Is the Difference Between a Modular Home and a Panelized Home?

While both employ factory-built construction techniques, the primary difference between a modular home and a panelized home is that modular homes are shipped to a home site nearly complete, whereas panelized homes require more on-site assembly.

In modular construction, most individual “modules” are shipped to the site as fully finished rooms, complete with walls, flooring, ceilings, doors, windows, closets, stairs, etc. assembled. The number of modules required depends on the square footage of the home.

Panelized homes come together on site a little differently. Depending on the type of panelized home you choose, your manufacturer might pre-assemble the walls, floors, and other structural components, but leave the union of those panels, as well as the interior finishing elements, to the builder.

Both modular and panelized building systems are shipped to the site via ground transport where the local builder secures the home’s components to the foundation and customizing it with finishing touches such as decks, patios, stone or brick veneers and other decorative elements.

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