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To showcase your business or community to our visitors and subscribers! wants to connect your business or community to our visitors and subscribers, those people who are looking to retire or relocate to the Carolina Best Places, who have lots of questions today and, who will be your buyers tomorrow. isn’t interested in being a magazine publisher or in selling real estate, maybe that’s your business expertise.

To be honest, our goal is not to even be in the business of selling advertising.

Our mission is to provide our visitors and subscribers with real and valuable information everyday regardless of what phase they are in of the retirement or relocation process.

With over 35 years of expertise as a professional real estate analyst, since 2004, founder Bob Bencivenga, has been assisting visitors and subscribers in making the very important decision of where to relocate or retire in the Carolinas.

Bob personally communicates daily with visitors through his “Ask Bob” section and personal one on one phone consultations.  And weekly, Bob writes to subscribers through his Carolina Report Blog!

With hundreds of pages of information about Carolina Best Places including:

  • best planned communities,
  • what to look for when selecting a community
  • insurance
  • moving companies
  • how to hire a real estate agent
  • green building
  • how to create a successful retirement
  • relocation advice
  • climate
  • cost of living
  • taxes
  • crime
  • videos

the  key insights and over 150 articles on cities and towns in the Carolinas, we still want to give our visitors and subscribers MORE!

This is where YOU come in.

With over 2.5 million requests for each month, we want businesses and communities to partner with us in assisting our visitors and subscribers with their retirement or relocation process and decisions. Finding their Carolina Best Places!

Do you represent a planned community or land developer?

Or, perhaps you are an architect, insurance agent, and bank executive, investment broker, moving company or local merchant.  We want to showcase your business or community to our visitors and subscribers.

We want to build exposure and generate interest for your business or community!  We want our visitors and subscribers to get to know you so as they go through the research and decision making process of where to retire or relocate in North Carolina or South Carolina, you’re at the top of our visitors and subscribers list of the Best Businesses or Communities to call and visit!

KEEP READING… your about to find out all the benefits you can expect and how you can make sure you are the ONLY business or community our visitors and subscribers call and visit in North Carolina and South Carolina.

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