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Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To LiveI don’t know about you but when putting together my list of NC best places to live, I have to ask myself “what fun things are there to do in the area?”

So if you are asking what fun things there are to do if you were to pick one of the NC best places live near Charlotte – well, I happen to have a few suggestions.

And to be honest, whether you choose Charlotte as your NC best place to live or not it doesn’t really matter.

Along the way you may want to take a vacation to this great city.   It is the “Queen City” after all!

There is someone in most families that love NASCAR. Even if you personally aren’t crazy about NASCAR there are many different fun things to do for the whole family.  So, I highly suggest you and your family check out the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

There’s 40,000 square feet of exhibits and tributes to those who have made the sport what it is today.  And for many people, the sport they love.  You can enjoy interactive videos, educational materials and facts giving you a history lesson of NASCAR.

Also, at the NASCAR Hall of Fame is the Ceremonial Plaza, the Great Hall and Glory Road.  Which I think you’ll also enjoy as you can see new and old tracks and even experience the high banks of the track.

And don’t miss the the Belk High Octane Theater where you can watch a short film about the history of NASCAR.

There’s also a Hall of Honor and Race Week.  Race Week is probably the most popular.  You can see what it takes to get ready for the big race. From beginning to end, including a simulator so you can feel like you are driving in the big race. C’mon that sounds fun doesn’t it?

Now if NASCAR isn’t really your “thing,” there are other ways to entertain yourself.  And living in one of the NC best places to live in the Charlotte area you’ll get to explore them all.

If you have a love for art I recommend The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art.

The Museum has Modern Mondays where you can talk with art experts.  And they’ll  answer any questions you may have. They also have guided tours and lectures.

For the family, the museum has Family Day set up on different Saturdays throughout the year.

Another great program is centered around Music and Art.  It’s a great experience as musicians play music to coincide with a specific art collection.

I’m not good at art or music so I find this intriguing how they match them and come up with a story.  And they have someone who will be sharing their expertise on both subjects.

The museum is open every day except Tuesday!  Don’t go on Tuesday, you won’t get in!!  Don’t laugh…I tried.

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Not convinced yet about choosing Charlotte or one of the small towns and cities in the area as your NC best places to live?

Okay…another great fun thing to do in Charlotte is to go to the Discovery Place.  It has many interactive things to do.  Especially for kids.

And they have an IMAX theater where you feel like you are a part of whatever you are watching.

They even have a museum that is always changing and interactive.  Trust me, it gets all of your senses involved.  The Discovery Place has summer camps for kids. And if are so inclined, an Educators Studio for educators who want to keep growing and learning.

To kind of go along with the Discovery Place is the Charlotte Nature Museum.  While they offer a lot for the small ones, they still have plenty for nature loving adults.

And you might find it helpful they too have summer camps for the young ones.  They also have a Night Nature walk.  How about blue grass music and barbeque?

Cant’ beat that can you?

Alright all you football lovers this is sure to make you put this area on your list of NC best places to live!

Charlotte North Carolina has the Carolina Panthers!!!!

And they of course they play at the Bank of America Stadium in downtown Charlotte.  Bank of America Stadium was built in 1996 for football but they also host other events there.  In 2013 the Panthers had their first winning season since 2008 and won their third NFC South title since the franchise came into being 19 years ago.

But wait…

If you have a love for flying, Charlotte has the Aviation Museum.  Do you happen to remember the plane that landed safely in the Hudson?

Well, the Aviation Museum in Charlotte is now home to that plane.

This museum is home to so many different kinds of private and military aircrafts and don’t forget the helicopters.  You will be able to see the history of the plane and the impact it has had on the world.

The list of fun things to do in the NC best places to live of Charlotte could go on and on but….I have to go!

Live in the Moment!!

I’ll see You in the Carolinas.

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