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Affordable Coastal South Carolina Best Places to Live CharlestonAre you considering Coastal South Carolina best places to live for your move south?

Whether you are looking for the best places to live in the Carolinas for work and quality of life or you are just coming to retire, coastal South Carolina is the ideal place to call home for many reasons.

Welcome to my trip to the smaller towns and cities surrounding one of the Coastal South Carolina best places to live.

Last week, we learned about the economics of Charleston. About jobs, starting your own business and the overall cost of living.  All of which is very important if you are considering relocating your family or retiring to Coastal South Carolina.

My goal this week is to provide you with some ideas on affordable Coastal South Carolina places to live in the Charleston area.

We know that Charleston is a hub for education, business, and jobs.

Yet, many people living here want to live outside the city’s limits. So let’s get going and explore the affordable best places to live that still allow you to commute into Charleston.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the primary reason you are considering Coastal South Carolina best places to live because of the climate and the beaches.  Obviously you’re not alone.

So let’s begin with some of the more popular Coastal South Carolina best places to live beach towns.  And no they are not just for retirement.  You will find plenty of younger families.  Who doesn’t love the beaches at any age?

Mount Pleasant is just as its name sounds, welcoming relaxing area. The population is only about 71,000 and qualifies as a town in Coastal South Carolina.

A short ride over the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge (its beautiful) and the Cooper River heading north east of Charleston, you’ll be in downtown Mount Pleasant in about 15 minutes (8 miles.)

One of the first things oddly enough I noticed were the trees.   It’s unusual this close to the coast to find trees that overlap the roadways creating a beautiful canopy.

Mount Pleasant boasts a lower crime rate and  higher income per capita than other cities and towns in the area. And low property taxes, and plenty of area businesses, restaurants, and shopping.

Affordable Coastal South Carolina Best Places to LiveCoastal South Carolina Best Places to Live Ultimate Guide

Start Your Life In Coastal SC In The Right Place

However, don’t let this misguide you into thinking the housing here is not a bit more expensive than the rest of South Carolina or North Carolina.

But for some of us, a median home price of $334,000 isn’t too bad.

If you’re considering renting when you first move to Coastal South Carolina, you monthly expense in Mount Pleasant will be about $1,200.

Hanahan about 9 miles west is the city of Hanahan. Hanahan has a population of 19,000.

This is a great hub if you’re planning on working in Charleston and want to be close.

The commercial district is not large.  You would most likely go into North Charleston, Goose Creek and Charleston for a lot of your goods and services.

So it’s safe to say that Hanahan is primarily a residential city.  The median home price is again very affordable at $172,745.

Our next Coastal South Carolina best places to live is a few miles west of Mount Pleasant.  Goose Creek is about 14 miles north of downtown Charleston.

The residents of Goose Creek live, work, and raise their families in rich history and the natural treasures of the low country.  And Goose Creek has successfully created a quiet community of about 38,000 while maintaining a small town southern character.  Although it is designated as a city.

Before we go much further you may want to check out the Carolina Report I wrote about how South Carolina and North Carolina and what defines a city or town.

Goose Creek is an ideal family-friendly area. There is shopping, restaurants, and good schools. And Goose Creek maintains a lower cost of living.  The median home price is only about $170,000 and a monthly rental will run you about $1,000.

While being close to the beaches and downtown Charleston, this Coastal South Carolina gem gives you plenty of distance from the hundreds of thousands of travelers coming to visit Charleston.

Affordable Coastal South Carolina Best Places to Live CharlestonHeading a bit further north, I couldn’t explore the Coastal South Carolina best places to live without taking you to the town of Summerville(population 44,700.)

Just 20 minutes north of Charleston.

Summerville proudly is nicknamed “Flowertown in the Pines.

But I think what sets Summerville apart and they may be most proud of is the 700 homes and buildings on the National Register of Historic Places.  So as you can image, there’s lots of historic character.

With an affordable housing cost of only $190,204 and monthly rental of only $900 this is definitely one of the most affordable Coastal South Carolina best places to live in the Charleston area.

And if you’ve decided you really don’t want cold winters and hot hot summers, the average in Summerville is sunny and 75.  Nice!!!

Okay so let’s head back towards downtown Charleston.  Let’s go to the beach!


Before we go to the beaches we have to make a quick stop in North Charleston.  I’ve been watching North Charleston for years and admired the gusto and commitment with which the city officials have pursued making it a Coastal South Carolina best places to live.

North Carolina’s population has grown about 28% in the past 14 years and sits at 101,000!  And it appears to offer the most affordable housing in the area at only $141,000.

North Charleston has a wide selection of restaurants, entertainment complexes, shopping malls and specialty shops.

Okay we have miles yet to go!

You’ll spend a bit more to live on Folly Beach, $684,000, or the area around it, but if you want beachfront living, this is one of the Coastal South Carolina best places to live.

Folly Beach is about 11 miles southeast of downtown Charleston. And it offers some great housing options.

You’ll find larger homes and condos. Including some nice waterfront property. And living in the city of Folly Beach you can’t help but walk out along the big peer….often.

While the population of this Coastal South Carolina best places to live in only 2,600, in the height of the season…it swells.  If you’re committed to living at the South Carolina beach perhaps renting is more affordable for you at about $1,500.

There are many Coastal South Carolina best places to live beaches but we don’t have time today to explore each one.

However…I’ve explored them and written about them.  Be sure to spend the time and read about each one and if they should be on your list of Coastal South Carolina Best Places To Live near the beach!

As you can see,  you don’t have to live within the Charleston city limits to benefit from the cultural richness, affordability, and beauty of this area.

In fact, each of the cities and towns we’ve explored offer amenities and housing affordable rates. While being close to Charleston and some of South Carolinas best beaches.

Any of these Coastal South Carolina best places to live, could be for you because of their true Southern charm.

See You in the Carolinas!

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