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Living Near The Best Beaches In NCIf you love the beach, there’s no doubt that living near the best beaches of NC will provide many people the opportunity to find new positions and launch new careers.

So often I get asked “Bob I love the beaches of Coastal NC so can I find work?”

Did you know that more and more people are moving to North Carolina and South Carolina for employment?

That’s was the focus of the Forbes Annual Best Places for Business and Careers report in fact.

Hello everyone, and welcome back to our journeys around the best places to live in the Carolinas and this week’s Carolina Blog.

Some pretty fantastic places in our little area of the country ranked on the list.  And I’ve been sharing them with you for weeks.Okay there are so many we are actually into months now.   But we need to know right?  What good is a list without knowing more?

Today we are heading to one of the best beach of NC – one of the NC Coast Best Places To Live. Yep, we’re headed to the beautiful historic city of Wilmington.

Yes, you know it well since we’ve traveled here before. There’s plenty to love about city.  But before we get too involved with the beauty and culture here, let’s take a look at the business side of things.

Wilmington ranks really well in a number of different areas.

This NC Coastal Best Places to live has a few key major industries.   Including telecommunications (a very hot industry in the country right now) and education.

For some of us, the median house price could be considered really really affordable.  But you might be gasping right now about the median household income.  Again, for some of us depending upon where you currently live, this could seem low.

But remember the cost of living will most likely be lower here.

But, what helps Wilmington rank on this best place list?

Specifically, check out these key areas:

  • #32 in 2016 Best Small Places for Business and Careers
  • #18 in Cost of Doing Business
  • #68 in Job Growth
  • #54 in Education

Remember 200 cities were listed throughout the United States.  So, let’s take a closer look at why coastal Wilmington did so well.

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Best Beaches Of NC To Live Location Location Location

There’s a lot going for this coastal NC city overall, but it’s location has one of the best beaches of NC.

Located just a few minutes from the beaches, Wilmington has attracted people to the area for centuries. It sits on the Cape Fear River, which has made it an important location for navigation.

That’s also why Wilmington has such a large historic district. And, it’s not all history. The downtown area has the Riverwalk.  Riverwalk is a hip, popular location that stretches about a mile long.  Filled with restaurants and shops.  I can tell you it’s a great place to sit and watch the sunset.

Living Near The Best Beaches In NCIt’s Education

When I’m in Wilmington, it’s hard not to see this area as a college-centric area.

It is home to the University of North Carolina Wilmington, Cape Fear Community College, and satellite campuses for Mount Olive College and Shaw University.

About 8.8 percent of people here have graduate degrees.  And what does this have to do with anything?

Jerry Szatan, a site selection consultant based in Chicago says;

“Quality of life often is overemphasized compared to operating costs and conditions, Education measures are always good. One of the fundamental building blocks in economic development is smart people. ”

Something to consider.

The Job Market

If you are looking for NC Coast Best Places to live, develop a career, and raise a family, Wilmington really should spark your interest.

It has a higher than average unemployment rate with a good percent of the people working in high-tech.

These are all higher than many of the local areas. This is likely why it ranked so well when it comes to business and careers. After all, nationally, it ranked #15 in the Cost of Doing Business and ranked #154 in Job Growth.

I really love the beauty and fun that Wilmington has to offer. As I walk along Riverwalk and stroll around the historically beautiful architecture here, I wonder who wouldn’t want to lay claim to Wilmington as one of their NC Coast Best Places to live to raise a family, start over, or even retire.

If Wilmington makes it onto your short list of the NC Coast Best Places to live and you plan to visit….there’s something about Wilmington that encourages you to stay.  So make sure to plan enough time.

Be sure to take a few more strolls and listen intently to the live music playing downtown. And you might just want to hop into the horse drawn carriage for a ride.

But most of all,  let’s not forget all of the development and growth happening in Wilmington. It’s evident everywhere.

There’s no wonder why coastal NC best place to live of Wilmington ranks pretty high. Why not come and see it for yourself?

You may fall in love with it just like I have.

I’ll see you next week when we explore more about this great area of Coastal NC.  We’ll be exploring where the most affordable NC Coast Best Places to live are around Wilmington!

Till then make it a great one!

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