Romantic Places In North Carolina And South Carolina


Love In The Carolina


What will I do?

Where will I take her (or him)?

What will I buy her (or him)??!!


You don’t want to forget and be in the doghouse.

I wish I could take the pressure off and give you lots of original ideas of how to spend the day today.  And I can but the catch is…you have to be living in the Carolinas.

Wait I have an idea, you could be a hero and give the gift of a trip to one of the most romantic places in North Carolina and South Carolina.  You’d be a hero for sure!!!!

Truth is a couple of years ago, I devoted a Carolina Report to the best Romantic Places in North Carolina and South Carolina. And to my amazement it is one of the most viewed pages of this website.

So when I was thinking about this year’s Valentine Day and what I could wish for you and your loved one I was reminded of the report. And of course thought it would be perfect to share with you.

It’s interesting that no matter the amount of time that passes, there are some things that remain constant.  And that is love and romance!

Okay just like I said last time I wrote about the best romantic places in North Carolina and South Carolina, don’t assume I am getting all sappy.  Seriously…give me the benefit and at least read what I have to say before you come to a conclusion.

Since you are reading this, I am assuming you are considering and looking for the best places to live in North Carolina and South Carolina.  And in particular the best place for YOU to live in the Carolinas.

So take a few minutes and whether it is for Valentines Day or not….do yourself a favor and read My 5 Most Romantic Place In North Carolina and South Carolina!

Ultimate Guide Of The Best Places To Live In North Carolina and South CarolinaUltimate Guide To Finding Your Best Places To Live In The Carolinas

Make Your NC and SC Dream Come True!

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