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Coastal North Carolina Best Places To LiveWe’re counting down from 200 and this week,  we’re exploring one of the Coastal North Carolina best places to live #82.  The city of Goldsboro.

For the last few months, we’ve been exploring the best places to live in North Carolina and South Carolina.

These cities were featured on the Forbes’ List of Best Places for Business and Careers throughout the U.S..

Many cities across the Carolinas made the 200 Best Small Cities list, and countless others made the Best 200 Big Cities list.

Goldsboro has a population of about 38,335.  And is located in Wayne County. Wayne County has a population of 113,811.

This coastal North Carolina best places to live is a historic town which has roots going dating back to 1847.

Local residents of Goldsboro will tell you they are most known for the legend Andy Griffith teaching drama to the high school students.  That is before he moved to Mayberry.  But that’s not all.  Some believe barbecue was born in Goldsboro!

Though considered Coastal North Carolina, Goldsboro is part of North Carolina’s interior coast.  The inner coast of North Carolina connects coastal North Carolina to the North Carolina Piedmont region.

Though close to the beach, you aren’t going to be right on the beach, where tourists often flock.

This part of Coastal North Carolina means you will be close to the bustling metro of another best place to live but in Piedmont North Carolina.  Raleigh, while still close to the coastal North Carolina beaches for some fun in the sun.

In addition to giving each city an overall rating, the Forbes list provided a ranking for:

  • cost of doing business
  • job growth
  • education

To help us learn more about Coastal North Carolina best places to live, let’s take a closer look at these rankings and what they mean to us.

In terms of the cost of doing business, Goldsboro ranks at #10. This is an excellent rank!  Remember this is #10 out of 200 small cities throughout the entire United States.

This shows that Goldsboro has an incredibly positive landscape for small business. No wonder it’s on the list of Coastal North Carolina best places to live for families or retirees!

If you are considering supplementing your retirement income with a s mall business of your own, or already run a small business that will need to relocate with you, you can’t go wrong with this city.

When it comes to job growth, Goldsboro ranks at #118.

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The major industries are defense and health care. The unemployment rate is higher than the national average.

So we should start to see this number fall soon.

Goldsboro’s major employers are:

  • Seymour Johnson Air Force Base – 6,171
  • Wayne County Public Schools – 3,067
  • Wayne Memorial Hospital – 1,448
  • Manufacturing jobs include:
    • Case Farms – 1,012
    • Goldsboro Milling Co. – 1,000
    • Mount Olive Pickle Co. – 587
    • Georgia Pacific Companies – 520

The cost of living in Goldsboro is below the national average.  This means this Coastal North Carolina best places to live small city is a highly affordable. Not only across the country, but especially in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Many of my best places throughout North Carolina and South Carolina are right at, or slightly above or below the national average.  Goldsboro is a hidden gem in this regard.

In education, Goldsboro ranks at #171.

This means that 80.1% of residents have a high school diploma. 14.4% of residents have a college education, and 4.3% have graduate degrees. There is certainly room for improvement in the Goldsboro educational scene.  However, it is close to 12 colleges, so it is heading in the right direction.

Nearby schools include:

  • Wayne Community College
  • Meredith College
  • Barton College
  • East Carolina College
  • North Carolina State
  • Campbell College

With 61% of the year in sun, and an average of no snow per year, this the perfect place for someone who wants plenty of warm weather.

Beware, though, a lack of snow doesn’t mean it can’t get a little chilly. The average January temperature is 33 degrees.

As a Coastal North Carolina best places to live best, the small city of Goldsboro has a lot to offer residents. It’s the perfect small city for history buffs, beach lovers, and those who are interested in running their own small businesses.

It’s a Coastal North Carolina best places to live small city that really does have something to offer everyone!

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