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If you visit the website of our next best city in Piedmont South Carolina best places to live in December, you’ll see instantly it says…South Carolina Best Places To Live

“Ring in 2018 in front of the South Carolina State House at Famously Hot New Year!

One of the biggest New Year’s Eve celebrations in the Southeast, Famously Hot New Year features music and food, and fireworks.”

Maybe the South Carolina state Capital could be your best city to live?

As most of you know, for the last several weeks, we’ve been exploring the large and small cities in North Carolina and South Carolina mentioned on the List of Best Places for Business and Careers.

The cities mentioned made it onto the list of either the 200 Best Small Cities or the 200 Best Large Cities list.

So let’s get going and check out just what the Piedmont South Carolina best places to live city of Columbia has to offer and where they rank on the lists.

Ranked #86, we’re in the middle of our countdown to the best large or small city in North Carolina and South Carolina mentioned.

Since Columbia is already on my list of one of the best cities in Piedmont South Carolina best places to live, we’ve been here before.

However, as with many of the cities and towns in North Carolina and South Carolina, we never really need an excuse to explore them again.  The more we learn about them the better.

Columbia has a population of about 134,000+, and is located in Richland County.

Columbia is the heartland of the Piedmont South Carolina, and is the state capital.

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It is a great city for someone who wants to live between the South Carolina beaches and mountains.  

As living in this part of Piedmont South Carolina puts you equidistant to the mountains in the upstate, and the beaches of the coast.

Perfect for day trips and weekend getaways.

The list of Best Places for Business and Careers 2013 and 2016, in addition to giving each city an overall rating, provides a ranking for:

  • cost of doing business
  • job growth
  • education

For the purposes of this Carolina Report, we’ll take a closer look at these rankings.  And we’ll get a better idea of what they mean in regards to relocating or retiring to the Piedmont South Carolina best places to live.

In terms of the cost of doing business, Columbia ranks at #67.

Remember this is a ranking out of 200 cities. So….this is a fairly good rank.   This indicates that Columbia has a very positive landscape for small businesses.

I take this as a good indicator if you want to move your small business, start a new business or want to supplement retirement income through small business ownership.  Looking to live in a larger city with lots of services and amenities,  this could be your Piedmont South Carolina best city to live.

In terms job growth, Columbia comes rated #109.   About the middle of the road.  The major industries in Columbia are healthcare, defense, and education.

HOWEVER…. Columbia in 2016 climbed the ladder to #56!  Wow that’s some major growth.  

Unemployment will continue to fall over time as more jobs come into the area.

Columbia’s major employers are:

  • Palmetto Health Richard, with 6,000 employees
  • Oreck Clean Home Center with 4,447 employees
  • Columbia Corrections Department with 2,000 employees

And, Columbia is also home to Fort Jackson, the U.S. Army’s largest and most active initial entry and training facility, and the McEntire Joint National Guard Station.  There’s a lot going on in this city.

The cost of living in this Piedmont South Carolina best places to live best city is right at about the national average, just .6% below it.

While slightly more expensive than some of the best cities and towns on our list, this is still an affordable option for relocation or retirement.

In regard to education, Columbia ranked #111 in and has risen to the challenge and now ranks #83. Again almost in the middle.

  • 86.7% of residents have a high school diploma
  • 31.4% of resident have a college education
  • 10.4% have graduate degrees

And if this is of any concern to you, Columbia is on the right path, as it is home to several colleges, including:

  • University of South Carolina
  • Allen University
  • Columbia College
  • Remington College
  • Benedict College
  • Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
  • And there’s more!

With 217 sunny days per year, and only 1.2 inches of snow per year, this Piedmont South Carolina is the perfect place for someone who wants lots of warm weather, and can do without the snow. Just because there is very little snow, however, does not mean it cannot get cold. The average January temperature is 37.1 degrees.

Best City To Live – Columbia Piedmont South Carolina has a lot to offer. From beautiful natural scenery, to a booming small business landscape and plenty of educational opportunities, there is a little something for everyone.

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