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Coastal North Carolina Best Place To LiveIsn’t this beautiful?  The great Coastal NC best places to live have to be at least on your radar.

Great to see you again!  Welcome to this weeks Carolina Report!

As you know, since the Annual Report for the Best Places For Business and Careers was published, we’ve been making our way through those North Carolina and South Carolina large and small cities that were ranked.

With the exception of 1 city, all ranked were on my SC and NC best places to live list.

The rankings of the cities in North Carolina and South Carolina are of no surprise.  However, it’s always great to get confirmation right?

Anyways… it was then I decided it would be helpful to take a look at each of the SC and NC best places to live cities.  One by one, countdown style.  This way we can take a closer look at their economic base.  And about business and careers in each.

So here we are!

From the looks of the list below of the SC and NC best places to live cities we’ve already explored, we are on week 9 of our countdown.  I hope you’ve been following along!

What’s interesting this about this next Coastal NC best places to live city?

There are many things however,  if you look at the last time we talked about this Coastal NC best places to live….a lot of people “liked“  “The Youngest City In The United States.”

And of course I love it when you “like” one of my Carolina Reports or Articles.

But in regard to Jacksonville as a Coastal NC best places to live it’s no wonder. I’m excited to be back and if you haven’t been to this Coastal NC best place before you might want to consider it.

This week, we’re off to #99 on our countdown. Jacksonville Coastal NC Best Place To Live!  And that is #99 out of 200 cities throughout the United States that were ranked.

Why is it the youngest city in the United States?

Thanks to Camp Lejeune and and the  Marine New River Air Station, as you can imagine, there is a large population of young Marines.  This makes the average age of residents in Coastal Jacksonville 22.9 years old (a slight increase in age since last I wrote about it.)

Coastal North Carolina Best Places To Live Guide

Live Your Dream – Coastal NC

Home to a 30-mile stretch of lovely Coastal NC beaches.  This is definitely one of the Coastal NC Best Place To Live for people who love warm weather, the water, fishing, and the sun.

The Annual List of Best Places To Live For Business and Careers not only ranks a city overall, but it also ranks the city based on:

  • Cost of doing business
  • Job growth
  • Education

We already know Coastal Jacksonville NC has great beaches. It also has a younger population and lots of American Pride. But let’s take a closer look at where Jacksonville comes in on these ranks.  And what that means to you!

Jacksonville NC ranks #13 in the cost of doing business. Wow!!! This is #13 out of the 200 cities that were ranked.  Not bad.

The high ranking here means it doesn’t cost much to start and operate a business in Jacksonville, compared to other cities ranked throughout the U.S..

As such, this is a great place for someone who wants to start his or her own business.  Seriously, living in one of the Coastal NC Best Place To Live and having your own business?

If you’re looking to retire or relocate to Jacksonville, you can start a small business with relative ease.  What a great way to support your family or generate additional income.

Jacksonville NC comes in at #11 for job growth. Another great ranking.

This means there are more jobs coming to the area compared to other cities on the list and more growth is expected in the coming years.

Jacksonville’s major industries are defense and health care.  No mystery here.

The largest employers in Jacksonville are Camp Lejeune and nearby Marine New River Air Station.  No surprise here. Approximately 70% of the base personnel for both of these facilities live in the Jacksonville NC area.

Government military spending has helped boost the local economy over the years. The stability has also helped keep Jacksonville afloat while much of the rest of the country saw an economic downturn.

The cost of living comes in lower than the national average.  This makes coastal Jacksonville NC a very affordable best place to live.

Jacksonville NC is affordable and positioned to grow exponentially.

Jacksonville ranks at #148 for education. While that’s not too bad, Jacksonville needs to make some improvements to see their numbers climb in terms of educational attainment.

90.3% of residents have achieved a high school diploma, which is impressive. The ranking is affected due to the fact that only 17.5% of residents have attained a college degree, and only 4.8% have attained a graduate degree.

You’ll get some wind and rain because of the Coastal NC location, but you’ll never have to worry about snow. Jacksonville is home to beautiful beaches, and plenty of sunny days.

Consider Coastal Jacksonville NC and you may find it will make it onto your list of Coastal NC Best Places To Live!

I’ve gotta run!  It time to get back on the road.  See you next time!!!!!

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