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Rocky Mount North Carolina JobsThis week is a treat as I’ve never written about Rocky Mount North Carolina.

Often talked about in my family as my brother-in-law was once the head of the Chamber of Commerce.

My wife often speaks about the beauty of the older homes and its close proximity to the North Carolina state Capitol.   Best Place to live in Piedmont North Carolina ~ Raleigh.

Still in all my research I never added Rocky Mount to my list of North Carolina best places to live.

And yet here we are.

Welcome back to the Carolina Report!  And welcome to Rocky Mount North Carolina.

Rocky Mount is a smaller city in the North Carolina coastal plain and home to about 57,477 people.

The city itself is known for being an arts community. Rocky Mount North Carolina is home to the Maria V Howard Arts Center and a community theater.

Aside from this, the downtown Rocky Mount area is also one of the more historically important cities in this part of North Carolina.  There are plenty of reasons to love this city.  You may want to move here simply to take advantage of the beauty this area has to offer, but there are more reasons than just this.

The cities name comes from the rocky mound at the falls of the Tar River. And did you know Rocky Mount was home to one of the first cotton mills in North Carolina? It has ample educational, cultural and entertainment options if you decide this is your best place to live.

As I explore and research Rocky Mount of course I am reminded of how well it ranked in the Forbes Annual Best Places For Business and Careers report for 2013.

Rocky Mount ranked #157 overall in best small places for business and careers. This may seem like a pretty high rank however remember that is 157 out of 200.

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As a business owner, you’ll find that moving into the Rocky Mount area is ideal and welcoming. While the overall ranking for Rocky Mount is #157, one of the areas in which the city did very well is in cost of doing business. Amazingly Rocky Mount North Carolina ranked #9.

With a metro population of over 151,700, Rocky Mount is a prime location for businesses needing a large customer base. The major industries present in the city and metro area include health care and financial services.

The cost of living is 13.7 percent below the national average, which has a direct correlation to the affordability present.

Overall, this affordability helps to drive businesses to Rocky Mount.  And we all know established and new businesses boost the economy, and provide for individual’s needs.  Which all contributes to quality of life.

Keep in mind the median household income here was $38,254 in 2012.  I know some of us are shrieking at that figure.  Especially if you are from the Northeast.  But remember the cost of living in the Carolinas?  All things  are relative.

You might find it easier to start a business in Rocky Mount North Carolina than you do to find a job.  The city didn’t rank as well when it comes to job growth.  Of the 200 cities ranked it came in at #177 in this category. That’s not surprising, though. The unemployment rate here is 12.7 percent. Job growth in 2012 was -0.9%, a big factor in the overall employment arena here.

It’s also helpful to note when you are considering any area in North Carolina or South Carolina for your best place to live the net migration.  How many people moved in or out of the area?  In 2012 the net migration in Rocky Mount North Carolina was -230.  Doesn’t appear a lot of people are flocking to Rocky Mount NC but that may not be a bad thing.  Given the movement to relocate or retire to the Carolinas, you may find you can get great deals on housing in the area.

As we’ve talked about before there are some of the belief that a better educated population is one of the building blocks of economic development.  Rocky Mount ranked #158 in the education sector.

The city is home to North Carolina Wesleyan College, a four year school. There are also two community colleges here, including Edgecombe Community College and Nash Community College.

Overall, the fact that Rocky Mount North Carolina ranked is impressive.

As a large community, especially within the metro region, it has a low cost of doing business, which is sure to continue to bring new businesses to the area.

Overall, this is a small city and one that is an attractive place to call home, not just for individuals but also for businesses.  So what do you think?  Should Rocky Mount North Carolina be on our list of Best Places To Live in North Carolina?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and share them with everyone.  Write me

I’ll see you next week as we continue the count down of the best places for business and careers in North Carolina and South Carolina in 2013.

Until then….have an awesome week.

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