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North Carolina Best Places To LiveAs we continue our look at the economic conditions South Carolina and North Carolina best places to live for Business and Careers,  we need to visit Fayetteville NC.

I know in recent years, Fayetteville NC at times, has gotten some bad press.

I have to tell you that on my most recent trip, I spoke with a resident of Fayetteville who could not say enough great things about it.

She was not a native of this Coastal North Carolina best places to live and had in fact moved to Fayetteville from another city in North Carolina.

She told me the main reason for moving her family was the people.

What struck me the most was the passion in which she spoke about how welcoming and inviting the community of Fayetteville was to her and her family.

For me, that is an important quality for the cities and towns that make it onto my list of North Carolina best places to live.  Not knowing anyone in the area, it’s important the community at large is welcoming to new residents.

Okay so back to Fayetteville NC in relation JOBS.  North Carolina Best Places To Live Has Jobs!

As most of you know, some weeks ago we started talking about the Forbes Annual report of the South Carolina and North Carolina Best Places To Live for Business and Careers 2013.

Last week we began our countdown to the South Carolina and North Carolina Best Places to live on the report in Hickory NC.  Another Coastal North Carolina best places to live near the beach for affordability and a lower cost of living.

According to the report, Fayetteville North Carolina jobs and business comes in at #179 for Overall ranking.

Fayetteville NC is home to Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force Base.  Having Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force Base in Fayetteville makes for a strong and steady economy and definitely adds to making this a Coastal North Carolina best places to live. This is one of the biggest components to the city’s jobs.

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Fayetteville is a Coastal North Carolina best places to live moderately sized city in the beautiful area in Cape Fear Valley and just off Cape Fear River.

As you’ll see in a few minutes as we flesh out the overall beauty of Fayetteville NC as it has a lot going for it.

But first a few basic statistics:

  • Median household income is $42,118
  • Median home price is $113,500
  • Unemployment rate sits at 10 percent currently

Those are just some basic facts about the area.   And I caution not to get too hung up on what the stats mean. We really need to take a closer look and consider how else Fayetteville did.

Remember…what’s most important is the qualities You have defined Your North Carolina best places to live must have.  Consider how else Fayetteville did.

The best places for cost of doing business is an important ranking in the report. A city that ranks well in this category attracts new businesses on a regular basis.  And new business of course strengthens the economy as a whole. The Forbes report ranked Fayetteville at #17 for cost of doing business.

Remember, the report ranks 200 cities. #17 is a great ranking! Wow…hooray for this Coastal North Carolina best places to live!

With a strong metro population of 374,900 people, there is plenty of incentive to attract new businesses to the area.  More jobs, stronger economy.

North Carolina jobs and job growth in the Fayetteville area are just as important to people whether you are planning on retiring or raising a family.

Think about what your best place to live must be like. Don’t you want to be living in an area of prosperity?

When it comes to job growth, Forbes ranked Fayetteville at #37!  The major industries include obviously defense, as mentioned, and education.

In 2012, job growth in Fayetteville NC stood at – 0.3 percent, which is not nearly as bad as many other areas in the country.

Another key area that’s critical to the overall quality of life and the business and careers components of any strong economy is Education.

This is an area that again Fayetteville does relatively well. The city ranked #172 in this area. About 20.5 percent of people living in the city had some level college.

But, is Fayetteville on my list of one of the North Carolina Best Places To Live in relation to North Carolina Jobs overall?

Absolutely and it has been on my list for years for several reasons.

Fayetteville NC is the nation’s first Military Sanctuary Community and was declared “America’s Most Pro-Military Town” by TIME Magazine. But it’s much more than that. 

  • Sophisticated restaurants and unique shopping
  • Musical and sporting events
  • Elegant and quirky art galleries
  • Trails and parks, kid-friendly fun
  • Fayetteville Area Transportation Museum
  • The Airborne and Special Operations Museum
  • Cape Fear Botanical Garden and River Trail
  • Cultural and entertainment amenities of bigger cities

To be frank, it would be nice to live in an area that has a friendly feel of a true hometown and high quality of life. And it is definitely affordable and poised for future economic growth.

The Fayetteville North Carolina jobs and business opportunities are numerous if it makes it onto Your list of North Carolina Best Places To Live.

Of course, the surrounding area is definitely something special.

Gotta run…lots of work to do!  Until next time….

I’ll see You in the Carolinas!

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