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Welcome to this week’s Carolina Report and our exploration of the Piedmont South Carolina best places to live.

Piedmont South Carolina Best Places To LiveIt’s great to be in the beautiful Piedmont South Carolina best places to live of Columbia SC.

I’m really excited to show you some of the best places I’ve found around the metro area.

Remember, we’re exploring the smaller cities and towns around major metro areas.  South Carolina best places to live that provide a small town atmosphere.

And they all have the services and amenities only a large city can provide.


Okay…let’s get going!

Our journey begins about 20 minutes north of downtown Columbia and spans only 3.2 square miles.  Welcome to our first South Carolina best places to live this week - Blythewood SC.

Blythewood SC is a small town north east of Columbia, and about 2184 people call it home.  Why consider Blythewood as possible South Carolina best places to live?

You’ll feel it when you arrive.

There’s a sense of history here and it’s evident in every facet of life.  The strong family values present and the excellent tradition of quality education.

Blythewood is the type of town that is a small community of people that know and care about each other.

The strong Southern traditions in Blythewood are the heart of the town. Sit down for a cup of tea, put your feet up, and have a chat. Your neighbors will welcome you.

The town of Blythewood sits in both Richland and Fairfield counties and one of it’s many features  is the thoroughfares passing through it. Now that might seem a bit strange to be pointing that out however, it means it’s very convenient.

Just off Interstate 77, in about 20 minutes you’ll be in downtown Columbia SC.   In a short hour you’ll be in the second largest banking center in the United States and Piedmont North Carolina best places to live of Charlotte NC.

Piedmont South Carolina Best Places To Live GuidePiedmont South Carolina best places to live Guide

Save Money Affordable Piedmont SC Best Places

And in only 2 hours you can be dipping your toes in the ocean and lying on the beach in Coastal South Carolina best places to live near Charleston.

Because of the convenient location of Blythewood SC it’s easy to imagine why the city has attracted numerous families.  Families looking for a different quality of life than the bigger city living can give them.

Baseball and worship (no matter what type) are two of the main passions here in Blythewood.  Along with the fun festivals and arts programs.

If you are looking for true small town living and easy access to all the services and amenities of a larger city, the Piedmont South Carolina best places to live of Blythewood definitely is worth considering.

Heading west south about 40 minutes and still just a few steps away from the heart of Columbia our next South Carolina best places to live to explore today is Lake Murray of Richland SC.

It’s slightly larger than Blythewood with a population of about 5,484 people.

Lake Murray of Richland is growing quickly as evidence is the fact this small town has seen a 65 percent growth rate since 2000. Something good must be going on in Lake Murray of Richland SC.

So, who is relocating and retiring to this Piedmont South Carolina best places to live?

Mostly, you’ll find families but this is also a great place to retire.   About 50% of the residents of Lake Murray of Richland SC commute to work.  Your neighbor will most likely have a white collar job.

Located in Richland County, and if living by a lake is on your list of must have’s, Lake Murray of Richland SC sits along Lake Murray.  Hence it’s name.  Lake Murray was man-made back in 1930.

Lake Murray of Richland SC is 78 square miles, and as you would think most of which is still recreational.

You’ll find going on a fishing trip into the 55,000 acre lake is perhaps the best way to spend a lazy Sunday morning.

On the other hand, the town has a strong presence of family living. With that comes everything from old country stores to trendy shops.

You’ll find that residents of Lake Murray of Richland SC enjoy everything from boating to swimming, hiking and golf and remember we’re still just minutes away from Columbia.

You’ll find that real estate here ranges widely and the median sale price is $313,900.

That’s because properties are so unique and diverse.

You’ll find some properties situated right on the lake. Others are large estates while still others are small homes.

The school system is a good one and it is the heart of the town!

What do you get when relocating or retiring to either of these towns?

There are a few outstanding benefits.

First, even though you are just minutes from Columbia and an hour outside Charlotte NC, you are still enjoying a low cost of living and an excellent quality of life.

You’ll find that both towns are growing economically, making jobs easier to come by.

With strong Southern traditions, a focus on the family and education, and a beautiful setting, there’s plenty to enjoy in either Blythewood or Lake Murray of Richland SC.

Have a great week and I’ll see you next week as we continue to explore the Piedmont South Carolina best places to live, relocate or retire around Columbia SC.

Make it a great one!

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