North Carolina Best Places To Live 2nd Largest Banking Center In U.S.


Last week we completed our exploration of the Charlotte North Carolina Best Places To Live.

Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To LiveNorth Carolina best places to live around the “Queen City”-“Gateway to the New South.

But before we leave the North Carolina Piedmont region, there’s a few more things I want you to know about Charlotte NC.

And what makes it a Piedmont North Carolina best places to live.

Set just a little north of the South Carolina border in the middle of North Carolina’s southern Piedmont region, Charlotte is the largest and fastest growing North Carolina best places to live city.

Frankly, it’s no coincidence that a place long known for textile production became the second largest financial banking center in the U.S. in a relatively short period of time.

This North Carolina best places to live is one of the few big cities in the country where not only is the cost of living lower than the national average, but housing costs and median home prices are still quite affordable.

The recent economic downturn and falling home prices has helped make housing even more affordable.

If you’re thinking about jobs or business opportunities, Charlotte has a diversified, dynamic and future oriented economy.

As well as strong entrepreneurial spirit that attracts companies and young professionals. Not only from all over the U.S. but also from all over the world.

If living in the Charlotte proper area appeals to you, there are many places to suit your lifestyle and budget.  There are almost 200 neighborhoods to choose from which means there are lots of options.

From large stately homes on tree-lined avenues in the city’s old southeastern “streetcar suburb” neighborhoods to the craftsman bungalows.

Or perhaps your Piedmont North Carolina best places to live is one of the trendy loft apartments popping up in old warehouses.  In the north part of town in neighborhoods like North Davidson (NoDa) or a downtown high rise condo.

Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To LivePiedmont North Carolina Best Places To Live Ultimate Guide

Explore Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To Live

The North Carolina best places to live of Charlotte most definitely has something for everyone.

One of the things that I can’t help but notice about Charlotte is while driving around the different neighborhoods you see sidewalks and wide open porches.

And that says to me, the people of Charlotte care about their quality of life. They care about their community, families and care about their neighbors.

With all the growth of this North Carolina best places to live it’s easy to imagine it’s just for hip young professionals. However, an increasing number of retirees are calling Charlotte and its surrounding area home, too.

In addition to five successful retirement communities and the lower cost of smaller communities outside its metropolitan area, Charlotte also offers retirees a pleasant climate and all the amenities of a major metropolitan.

This North Carolina best places to live also offers plenty of shopping, cultural attractions, entertainment, education and quality healthcare.

If downtown doesn’t speak to you and you’d like to live outside Charlotte but aren’t sure about the commute, know that getting in and out of town is easier than you might think.

Charlotte NC has made investments in public transportation.  With the general transportation infrastructure and the nearby convergence of three major interstate highways.  And there are extensive railroad service and a major international airport.  You can be assured whether it’s for your commute into downtown or visiting family and friends back “home” you’ll like the convenience.

Being the second largest financial banking center in the U.S. doesn’t mean Charlotte is all work and no play.

Not only does Charlotte NC have an active art and cultural community, but famous art museums. The theater and the symphony are all within walking distance of downtown.

Attractions like the Discovery Place or NASCAR Hall of Fame Museum offer plenty of family friendly fun.  And Charlotte’s diverse neighborhoods and wide variety of music clubs and restaurants make Charlotte’s night life special for any age.

If you love sporting events you can see everything from professional football, basketball and hockey to NASCAR racing and PGA golf tournaments.

And don’t forget you’re within easy driving distance of any number of national and state parks and outdoor recreation centers.

This North Carolina Best Places To Live is a great city.  And it’s worth considering for your relocation or retirement.

And it has lots of best places to live within a short reach!

I’ll see you next week when we head east!

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