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Welcome to our journey to Piedmont NC And SC Best Places To Live around Charlotte.  Today we are visiting the Piedmont South Carolina best places to live of Rock Hill and Fort Mill.

Charlotte North Carolina Best Places To LiveThe Charlotte NC metropolitan area is really, really big!

And not strictly limited to the state of North Carolina in its size, scope and reach.

Although we’ve been traveling around the Charlotte North Carolina best places to live for almost a month now, we still have more.  More North Carolina best places to live for your family to visit and get to know.

Today, we’re continuing our exploration of some pretty impressive NC And SC best places to live small towns and cities.  And this time they’re just across the border in South Carolina!

Yep, a lot of people who work and play in Charlotte actually have found a home in the suburbs and in some of the Piedmont South Carolina best places to live.

Which has actually made York and Lancaster counties two of the fastest growing counties in the Palmetto State(SC).

Today we’re exploring two NC And SC best places to live that are smaller than Charlotte.

These NC And SC best places to live are on the other side of the border.  And chances are you may not have heard of when it comes to the Charlotte NC metro area.

The first Piedmont South Carolina best places to live is the largest city in York County. Rock Hill SC population 68,054.

This South Carolina best places to live sits on the famed I-77 corridor only twenty minutes south of Charlotte NC.

Rock Hill is the fourth largest city in South Carolina. AndoOver the last ten years it’s population has increased by roughly 40%.

As people looking to relocate or retire to the Charlotte NC area started noticing they could opt for an affordable small-town lifestyle. It was only a matter of time until they discovered Rock Hill South Carolina.

With access to all the big city has to offer, it’s only a short drive away.

York County, SC has a very impressive history.  Rich heritage and despite the recent rapid growth, the residents of Rock Hill have put a lot of time into regulating that growth.  And preserving the historic character of is South Carolina best place to live.

I love its beautiful old historic buildings and the quaint downtown streets.  Covered by awnings of trees and the many wonderful parks and statues that provide both beauty and spaces for relaxation.

Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To LivePiedmont North Carolina Best Places To Live Ultimate Guide

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The people in Rock Hill are friendly and the atmosphere calm.  I admire all the outward signs of civic pride and real community.  In fact, if you can think of an activity I’ll bet they have a community club for it.

Is it any wonder that Rock Hill SC is a two time All-American City winner?

And has been named one of the 100 Best Communities for Young People in the country?  It’s easy to see why Rock Hill is on the list of South Carolina best places to live for families and retirees. Not only around Charlotte but in South Carolina.

Another advantage to Rock Hill is that since you are so close to Charlotte the combination of major interstate highways, railroad lines and regional airports means you’re only an hour away from Columbia SC. 

While other North Carolina best places to live like the Research Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill,) Atlanta GA or just about anywhere in the country are readily accessible.

Rock Hill SC is also a college town.  Home to three colleges including historic Winthrop University and York Technical College and the local Rock Hill School district has a great reputation.

Overall the weather in Piedmont South Carolina tends to be quite balmy in the summer.   However, it’s cool and dry during the winters so needless to say there is a lot to do outside.

Whether you want to spend time out on the Catawba River or hiking in nearby parks.  And perhaps hitting the links on one of York County’s many golf courses.  If you love outdoor activity, you’ll have lots of choices.

I bet you’ll also appreciate that the median home value in Rock Hill is only around $125,500 so it can’t hurt to check it out?

The second South Carolina best places to live of the day and last stop for our trip to the Charlotte metropolitan area is a small town that began as a small British colonial fort.

One of the fastest growing suburbs outside Charlotte NC is the town of Fort Mill SC, population, 11,380.

NC And SC best places to liveFort Mill is only 10 miles north of Rock Hill on I-77 not far from the Piedmont North Carolina state line.

As with many of the cities and towns that have grown so rapidly in the Charlotte area, Fort Mill has found a way to leverage the old with the new and make it special.

Much like Rock Hill and other places in York County, Fort Mill has a very long and interesting history. Much reflected in its classic downtown and a host of beautiful historic buildings.

From the new restaurants, art galleries, and interesting shops to small community parks with gazebos.  You’ll soon see why so many people have decided Fort Mill  is one of the Piedmont South Carolina best places to live.

The laid-back friendly people here really drive home the strong sense of community.  And a comfortable small town atmosphere I just can’t get enough of.

People in Fort Mill SC enjoy their annual festivals (I hear the Strawberry Festival is particularly popular.)  And you’re probably unaware that Fort Mill is home to an award winning community theater the Fort Mill Community Playhouse.

If you need more fun, then Lake Wylie and the massive Carowinds Amusement park is close by. Along with some very nice golf courses and of course a minor league baseball team.

Needless to say, there’s a lot more than meets the eye.  When it comes to Fort Mill SC I guarantee you’ll definitely appreciate Fort Mill’s median home value of around $169,900.

Yes, here we are again moving from one large metropolitan area to another in search of NC And SC Best Places To Live.  But it’s gotta be done so come back next week.  See where we end up.

Explore the NC And SC Best Places To Live small towns, cities and communities around Charlotte NC.  One day you just might call your best place to live in North Carolina or South Carolina!

Take care and see you next week!

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