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NC Best Places To Live of Charlotte has several smaller best places to live in the surrounding area.

Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To LiveAs you know, we are making our way across North Carolina and South Carolina.

We’re exploring some of the NC and SC best places to live that are smaller cities, towns and communities around large metropolitan best places to live in the Carolinas.

The purpose is to provide you with the information you need to make a decision about your NC or SC best place to relocate or retire.

And why spend so much time researching and exploring the smaller cities and towns around a large metro area?

The simple reason is…

You can save you some money and sometimes lots of money.  And peace of mind while still having all the amenities a big city has to offer only minutes away!

Last, we were in the southern parts of the Charlotte NC metropolitan area.

Today we will begin south of Charlotte but I need to mention one thing you may not be aware of.  The Charlotte NC metro area is big and it isn’t just confined to being the Tar Heel State.

Some of the NC Best Places in the Charlotte NC metro area are actually just across the border in South Carolina.

So, some of the NC Best Places to live around Charlotte are in South Carolina.Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To Live

Today our first NC Best Places To Live is only 12 miles west of our last stop, Monroe NC.  And only 30 miles south of downtown Charlotte.

Let’s discover the NC Best Places To Live small town of Waxhaw NC, population 9,859.

Waxhaw NC gets its namesake from the Native American tribe.  The tribe inhabited the area well before European settlers arrived in the 1700’s.

The town’s long history is intimately tied to cotton farming and the good fortune of being on a major railroad line that went to Atlanta.

And quite frankly you can see its prosperous rural agricultural past as you walk through it historic downtown.

In fact, Waxhaw’s considerable historic district is on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Many of the solid brick buildings probably once housed banks, cotton merchants, hardware stores and other farm related retail services.  Now they hold unique specialty shops, antique stores, art boutiques and a variety of eating establishments.

Yes, the railroad still runs right through the middle of Waxhaw NC.

But this very pedestrian friendly community also has a good variety of parks and green spaces. And the wonderful Cane Creek Park on the south side of Waxhaw NC has a lake and all manner of hiking and outdoor activity you can conceive of.

The spirit in Waxhaw NC is one of small town pride, solid neighborhoods, keeping up with your neighbors and helping one another.

Given that the population here has increased almost 300% in the last ten years you have to admit that the people of Waxhaw NC are definitely on to something.

Another thing to keep in mind is a median home value in Waxhaw of only $137,500.

Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To LiveFor our next NC Best Places to live we head about 25 miles east of Waxhaw to the other side of Monroe NC and the town of Marshville NC, population 2,402.

Some of you might know Marshville NC as the home of country music star Randy Travis.

While some of you might have already seen parts of the town in the movie “The Color Purple” which was shot in and around Marshville.

In my mind, Marshville NC is the quintessential sleepy southern farming town.

Grounded in its long history and rural ideal, small enough that everyone’s your neighbor and definitely a nice change of pace compared to the big city of Charlotte NC down the road.

From its modest downtown to the beautiful rich surrounding farmlands Marshville NC is a solid community.

Most people still make a living in agriculture.  More recently agri-tourism as seen in its popular local corn mazes and equestrian farms.  As well as festivals and fairs like the annual Boll Weevil Festival every Fall.

I particularly like Marshville’s median home value of only $78,700, too!

Remember how large I said the NC Best Places to live Charlotte metropolitan area was?

Well our last NC Best Places to live small town today is only 15 miles from downtown Charlotte NC but lies just across the border in York County, SC.

Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To LiveOne of the fastest growing areas in South Carolina is the township of Lake Wylie SC, population 8,841.

Don’t get confused here…remember due to the location of Charlotte NC, some of the best places to live may be in South Carolina.

Lake Wylie SC reminds me a lot of all the small but growing communities around Lake Norman we looked at several weeks ago.

With over 320 miles of shoreline around the Lake itself you know that relaxed lakeside living is the ideal around here.

While real estate on the water is a little pricier than other places we’ve looked at today you’ll be blown away by how beautiful Lake Wylie SC is.

Needless to say outdoor recreation on the water is a year-round pursuit and definitely adds to the high quality of life you’ll find here.

The people in Lake Wylie SC literally come from all over the country.  So you know it’s a very cosmopolitan place.  And the friendly, small town atmosphere and strong sense of community you’ll find in Lake Wylie SC really help seal the deal when it comes to settling here.

I would also like to add that the median home value in Lake Wylie SC is around $250,500.

I’ll see you next week when we wrap up our visit to the NC Best Places small towns and cities in the Charlotte NC metropolitan area.

Then I’ll start thinking about what Carolina Best Places to live we’ll head to next.

Should be fun!

Take care and see you next Friday!

So far the NC Best Places to live we’ve visited around Charlotte NC are:

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