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I’m really excited that today along with the new year, we begin a new journey to visit more North Carolina best places to live.  And South Carolina best places to live.

Cities and towns you might not often hear about but are still some of the best places to live in the Carolinas.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season.

Just before the holidays we were in perhaps the city that tops the list of Upstate South Carolina best places to live.   Greenville SC!

Today we’re moving North of Greenville yes, north to a bit cooler weather. To another one of our best places to live in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Today we’re going to begin to explore the North Carolina Best Places to live and The Queen City of Charlotte.

Yes, kids, we’ll be spending a good amount of time taking in all the wonderful Piedmont North Carolina best places to live small towns, cities and communities in the Charlotte metropolitan area.

As I normally do when we begin a new journey to a best place to relocate or retire,  I like to give you a little background information about Charlotte NC and what makes it NC Best Place to live.

This Piedmont North Carolina best places to live is a city of over 775,000 people.  Wow now that is a big city.

Sitting just a little north of the South Carolina border in the middle of the North Carolina southern Piedmont region.

Named after the wife of King George III, Charlotte has long called the “Queen City” but is also known as the “Gateway to the New South” for its economic development and long progressive history.

With a metropolitan area of over 1.7 million people, Charlotte NC is the heart of one of the largest and fastest growing areas in North Carolina and definitely a favorite NC Best Places to live city to relocate or retire.

One of the reasons Charlotte is an attractive and affordable North Carolina best places to live is that despite being a large city it has concentrated on the simple things.

Charlotte has some of the best public schools in North Carolina and is home to several local colleges.

Careful planning and zoning has not only preserved various parts of historic Charlotte but has created newer stronger neighborhoods suited to every budget and lifestyle.

Thoughtful investments in public transportation and infrastructure have made getting around Charlotte NC easier and cut down on commute times.

Moreover, a commitment to creating parks, open green spaces and other public pedestrian friendly spaces within the city has added to Charlotte’s charm and livability.

Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To Live GuidePiedmont North Carolina Best Places To Live Guide

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Charlotte’s strong entrepreneurial business environment, diverse economic base as well as an ability to attract new companies and a talented workforce has made it one of the main economic engines in North Carolina. Thus one of the North Carolina best places to live cities!

Charlotte has long been a good place to find jobs and business opportunities.

In addition to being home to several Fortune 500 companies representing all the various sectors of the economy, Charlotte NC is also a major financial center.  In fact, the second largest banking center in the United States.

Because of its central location and easy access to rail, air and interstates on the East Coast, Charlotte has also become a major logistics hub as well.

Charlotte North Carolina is also a great place to play.

For those who love sporting events you can see everything from professional football, basketball and hockey to NASCAR racing and PGA golf tournaments.

Famous art museums, theaters and the symphony are all within walking distance downtown and the wide variety of music clubs and restaurants make Charlotte’s night life special.

Something you may or may not know about Charlotte but something I need to talk about before we go forward is the ward system.

The downtown of this North Carolina best places to live is split into four distinct wards.  Here is a brief guide to what you’ll find in each ward.

  • The First ward covers northeast Charlotte.  In recent years this ward has become a place where award winning mixed income neighborhoods blend with a growing number of arts, cultural and entertainment venues.  Besides being home to the Time Warner Arena, Mint Museum, and the beautiful City Hall building, the first ward has benefited from a wave of new development that has revitalized its older neighborhoods.
  • Charlotte’s Second Ward covers the southeastern part of the city often referred to as “The Government District.” Obviously because of the many city office buildings.  In fact, the second ward has blossomed of late with new development popping up everywhere. You’ll find a new county courthouse, new office buildings, upscale hotels, a new convention center, a variety of condominium and residential housing developments.  Which adds to the allure of Charlotte as one of the North Carolina best places to live for jobs. Pedestrian friendly wide sidewalks, green spaces and plazas filled with sculptures and water gardens draw people downtown.
  • Third Ward in Charlotte is the southwestern part of the city.  It has seen an incredible building boom over the last ten years. Adding millions of square feet of office and residential space in a very short amount of time.  Overall, Charlotte’s third ward is considered the most diverse of the four downtown wards. Combining vibrant business and entertainment developments with wonderful parks and green spaces.  And residential areas that have everything from single-family homes to newer and relatively affordable condominiums and luxury apartments.  And let’s not forget Bank of America stadium home to the Carolina Panthers!
  • Charlotte’s northwestern quarter makes up the Fourth Ward.  Historically the fourth ward was a place where city merchants and other professionals made their homes. It remains one of the downtown’s premier residential neighborhoods.  And is definitely a driving force in making this one of the North Carolina best places to live.  Walking around the lush green landscapes and tree lined streets filled with beautiful old houses you’ll swear you’ve found a little piece of paradise.  But you’ll only be blocks away from the tall buildings and hustle and bustle of downtown. Above all you’ll notice the beautiful gardens and landscaping that are the hallmark of this area.  And that makes the fourth ward one of Charlotte’s true gems and one of the North Carolina best places to live.

Alright, that’s all for this week so I’ll see you next week.   We’ll start our journey looking at the best small towns, cities and communities in the North Carolina Best Places To Live in the Charlotte area!

Have a great week! And I’ll be seeing you soon in the Carolinas.

Post Updated January 2019

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