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Greenville Upstate South Carolina Best Places To Live This week we wrap up our look at the Upstate Best Places to live in South Carolina. Some of the best places to relocate or retire surrounding the Greenville area.  And start thinking about where we head next.

I want to take a minute to say that some of you may be thinking South Carolina is not your pick for Your best place to relocate or retire.

HOWEVER along this journey of finding your North Carolina or South Carolina best places to live,  relocate or retire, you may want to keep an open mind.

Hello again and welcome to this week’s edition of The Carolina Report.

Before we get started, I just want to put a plug in for Best Places To Live In South Carolina of Greenville and its surrounding communities.

Unless you have a very specific reason for favoring North Carolina over South Carolina, there are many advantages to living in South Carolina. Especially Upstate South Carolina best places to live.

I also want to remind you as to what it is about Greenville SC that consistently puts it on my list of Upstate Best Places To Live In South Carolina.  Okay my list of Best Places to live in North Carolina or South Carolina to be truthful.

First, one of the things that people like about Greenville SC and the surrounding area is a mild climate that makes being outdoors all year round a genuine proposition.

Second, the strong economic, social, educational and cultural opportunities in the Greenville area are hard to beat.

Third, even with its exceptional growth, the Greenville, South Carolina area remains an affordable place to settle down and live.

Fourth, with a web of major highways, interstates, railroad lines and airports, the Greenville area is highly accessible so getting in and out of town is no problem.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how beautiful the surrounding natural environment is and the multitude of outdoor recreational opportunities available to you.

Okay, we’ve already explored some of the best places to live in South Carolina almost all the way around Greenville.

We’ve been to Upstate best places to live in South Carolina:

Woodruff Best Places To Live In South Carolina UpstateOur first Upstate best places to live in South Carolina today is a small city about 25 miles southeast of downtown Greenville.   The historic mill village of Woodruff SC, population 4,114.

Like a lot of towns in this area of South Carolina, Woodruff owes its growth to its historic location on various coach and railroad lines.

But what is fueling its growth of late is its location in between local powerhouses Greenville and Spartanburg SC.

Many of the residents in Woodruff enjoy being able to work and play in Greenville or Spartanburg and then return to a quiet small town where people understand the meaning of community and look out for one another.

Woodruff SC is also a place that values a high quality of living which you can see in its very charming and pedestrian friendly downtown.

Upstate South Carolina Best Places To Live Guide Upstate Best Places To Live In South Carolina Ultimate Guide

Save Money Move To South Carolina Upstate Best Places

There are wide sidewalks that take you past a mixture of small shops, antique stores, historical buildings, diners and something I wasn’t expecting…a full service day spa right downtown.

In fact, I’d say Woodruff has a lot of things you’d expect to find in a much larger city.  And it’s a testament to the people who live here who love their community and actively seek to make it better for everyone.

I would also add that the median home value in the best place of Woodruff is only around $79,824.  So if you’re looking for a little peace of mind and some extra money in your pocket you may want to keep Woodruff SC in mind!

Five Forks Best Places To Live In South Carolina UpstateOur last best places to live in South Carolina in the Greenville area is only 12 miles southeast of downtown Greenville on the other side of I-385.

It is currently one of the most affluent suburban communities in the Greenville area, Five Forks SC, population 14,140.

Like many suburban communities around Greenville, Five Forks is the kind of place where young, well educated white collar professionals who work in nearby Greenville are settling down with their families.

The cost of living here is a little higher than the state average but so is household income and the housing market while pricy does have something for every budget.

If it didn’t it’d be hard to explain how Five Forks population over the last ten years has grown by over 80% and all the new housing development and subdivisions you’ll see in this area.

Also, remember you are still within Greenville County.  So you have access to all the service and amenities available in nearby Greenville as well and if you can’t find it here you can always just jump in the car and head to the big city.

The median home value in Five Forks is around $250,000 and while that may be higher than other best places to live in South Carolina in the area, it is relative.  Remember what the housing costs are where you currently live.  It may not be so high.

Well, that’s it for the best places to live in South Carolina to relocate or retire in the Greenville area.

I’ve had a great time showing you the best places to live in South Carolina around Greenville and I hope you think it was five weeks well-spent.

With the holidays upon us I know most of us will be busy with family, friends and don’t forget shopping for the next few weeks.

But I’ll still be here, traveling through North Carolina and South Carolina putting together the next adventure to the Best Places to live in the Carolinas.

Come back next week for a new adventure in a different place and hopefully more information that will help you find your best place in the Carolinas.

Take care and enjoy the weekend!

Post Updated January 2019

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