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Upstate South Carolina Best Place To LiveFor months now we’ve been exploring the larger metropolitan best places to live in North Carolina and South Carolina.

So far, we’ve explored the Piedmont North Carolina best places to live of Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Durham and the entire Research Triangle.

The South Carolina Best Places To Live along the beaches of Charleston, SC.

And the North Carolina Best Places to live in the mountains of western North Carolina around Asheville.

I think you’ve seen by now that when I go to work I don’t just visit a couple of best places to live in the Carolinas  here and there.

Instead I’m taking you all the way around around each city and I mean North, South, East and West in search of the best places to live in the Carolinas!

Let’s face it….part of feeling comfortable in a new area is also knowing about the area.

Obviously not all the best places to live in the Carolinas we visit are going to be where you finally decide is your best places to live.

However I can tell you that as you learn more about North Carolina and South Carolina when you make the move, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable. And you’ll feel more at home because you’ll know more.

So stick with me.

Alright, here we are with this week’s edition of The Carolina Report!

We’re starting a new adventure in Upstate South Carolina best places to live, relocate or retire.

Oh…and one more thing before we begin this journey.

Most of us have a pretty good idea of which state, North Carolina or South Carolina is our possible best place to relocate or retire.

There are so many best places to live in the Carolinas that unless you’ve really explored and learned about both states, don’t count either one of them out.

If you were with us last week, you know that we are now looking at small towns, cities and communities.  South Carolina best places to live that are in the rapidly growing Upstate South Carolina best place to live in the Greenville area.  And we will probably be doing so for several weeks to come.  There’s a lot to see here.

Upstate South Carolina Best Place To LiveOkay so back to today’s program.  Our first Upstate South Carolina best places to live in the Greenville area is the city of Traveler’s Rest SC, population 4, 776.

Traveler’s Rest SC sits in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains only 18 minutes north of downtown Greenville and maybe halfway between Greenville and the North Carolina border.

And if you love Asheville NC, it’s only a short drive of 54 miles through some pretty awesome views.

Upstate  South Carolina best places to live Ultimate Guide  Upstate South Carolina Best Places To Live Ultimate Guide

Save Money Move To Upstate South Carolina Best Places

Seriously beautiful!

If you haven’t already guessed, the city’s name literally comes from its past.  It was once a small crossroad town where people stopped before taking on the arduous task of traveling over the mountains.

This Upstate  South Carolina best places to live is definitely scenic.  But its clear the friendly, welcoming people of Traveler’s Rest have really done a lot to build on their small town appeal.

In fact, Traveler’s Rest has a multi-year project to revitalize and redevelop downtown.

This project gives the city miles of parks and green spaces.  Including hiking and biking trails that go all the way to Greenville.

But Traveler’s Rest has also added “down home” touches.  Like tree lined streets, revamped storefronts, and even new decorative street lighting all of which appear to be paying dividends.

The city’s proximity to Greenville SC has meant new businesses and people coming to the area. And more of the things people are looking for in a smaller community.

I really like the gently rolling hills in this area and the spectacular view of the mountains.  But also that this is a community that is clearly looking forward to a great future.

Hey, with a motto like, “Get Into Your Element” I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Better yet with a median home value a little less than $136,300 you know it’s affordable!

Upstate South Carolina Best Place To LiveStaying on the north side of Greenville, we come to our next stop on the list of  Upstate South Carolina best places to live is the city of Greer SC, population, 26,615.

Greer is about 20 minutes northeast of downtown Greenville and is fast becoming one of the more popular places in the Greenville area to settle down.

In fact, Greer’s population has more than doubled in the last 20 years and much of that growth can be attributed to its location on I-85.

It has definitely made its place as a low cost alternative to living in Greenville.  And Greer has had the economic boost of having the only BMW manufacturing plant in the country.

Trust me and take a drive around the best place of Greer.  You’ll soon see that the residents in Greer have channeled their good fortune into investments in services and amenities that clearly have enhanced the quality of life here.

Downtown is humming with quaint little shops, nice restaurants and host of well-preserved historic buildings.  And frankly you’ll meet friendly people from all over the country here.

In terms of fun, I am particularly impressed with Greer’s City Park.  It literally has something for everyone:

  • walking trails
  • musical fountains
  • amphitheater
  • picnic spots
  • open spaces

City Park is definitely a place to relax and have fun.

Moreover Greer SC has its own arts council which actively promotes local theater productions and workshops.

If your South Carolina best places to live is a high quality of life and a median home value of around $137,200 then you’ll love Greer SC!

Upstate South Carolina Best Place To LiveOkay, our final Upstate South Carolina best places to live today is an unincorporated community.  It sits between Greenville and Greer and is considered the largest suburban community in the area.  Taylors SC, population 21,617.

The Upstate  South Carolina best places to live that is now Taylors was once the home to resort hotels and mineral springs.  And they drew vacationers from the South Carolina coast and other parts of the South.

More recently it has become a well established suburb.  Taylors attracts young professionals and their families from around Greenville.  Which gives this community one of the higher median household incomes in the area.

In general this community is known not only for its great schools but it also has a good mix of housing options.  From older more established neighborhoods to new subdivisions and beyond.

I am amazed that the median home value in Taylor is still an affordable $139,500.

Do yourself and your family a favor and learn as much as you can about the South Carolina best places to live before you make that final decision.  This is your best place to live we’re talking about.  And it’s not a light decision and one which really warrants Your time and attention.

I know I mentioned a few things last week about why Greenville SC is such a great city.  And why it makes it onto my list of  South Carolina best places to live but I thought I’d take the opportunity to add something that I take pretty seriously which is… accessibility.

Let’s face it, many of us who want to relocate or retire to our best place to live are thinking about how easy is it to get out of town to see loved ones elsewhere.

Am I right?

And if you haven’t thought about it… don’t forget about it as it’s really important.

Well, that is another plus for Upstate  South Carolina best places to live Greenville.

Greenville sits on the major North-South interstate of I-85.  Additionally,  there are several airports in the Greenville area including the second busiest airport in South Carolina.  The Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport.

For those of you who would prefer to take a train, Greenville is on the Amtrak line.  The train will take you as far north as New York and as far south as New Orleans.

Well that’s it this week.

I’ll see you next Friday when we check out more of the best places to live in South Carolina around Greenville!

Have a great weekend!

Post Updated January 2019

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