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Upstate South Carolina Best Place To Live

What a great trip!

We just finished up exploring the best small towns, cities and communities in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina in the best place to live of Asheville .

While you can begin to feel the hint of cooler weather, it’s still a great time of year to spend a little more time in the Carolina mountains before the real winter sets in.

We’re going to hop right over the border to the south to the beautiful Palmetto state of South Carolina.

We’re in not only one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in North Carolina or South Carolina but also one of my wife’s personal favorite best places, Greenville SC, population 58,409.

There aren’t many of our best places to live in South Carolina and North Carolina that get as much notice as Greenville SC and for good reason.

Situated in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of northwestern or “Upstate” South Carolina, Greenville sits firmly within the so-called I-85 “Boom Belt.” The boom belt runs from Atlanta, GA up to Charlotte NC.

Greenville is more urban and cosmopolitan compared to a lot of Upstate SC best places to live in this area.  Upstate South Carolina Best Place To Live

And offers not only the incredible natural beauty of its southern Appalachian environs but also a pleasant climate, diverse and vibrant economy and strong civic and cultural institutions.

For several years now Greenville SC has ranked highly in a number of surveys as one of the best places to live in the country for retirement.

Downtown Greenville is quite charming and pedestrian friendly. And you sense right away that it’s the kind of community that has a lot going for it.

We really like strolling down Greenville’s tree-lined Main Street taking in all the trendy new restaurants, galleries, small shops and attractive green spaces.

There always seems to be a lot of events going on. And Greenville SC is a great city for the arts and live entertainment.

For instance, you can take in the ballet, a music concert or comedic performance at the Peace Center for the Performing Arts.

Upstate South Carolina Best Place To Live Guide South Carolina Upstate Best Places To Live Guide

Save Money Move To South Carolina Upstate Best Places

Or a sporting event at the Bi Lo Center and then head on over and peruse the popular Greenville County Museum of Art or get caught up in any number of free events and activities going on year round.

Greenville’s economy features strong corporate business and high-tech manufacturing sectors.

While the city is home to a number of Fortune 500 companies most businesses are small and entrepreneurial in nature.

Young career minded professionals like the variety of large and small companies in Greenville and have been instrumental in revitalizing older parts of the city, turning what were old textile factory warehouses into loft apartments and office spaces.

Statistically they say the median age in Greenville SC is around 35 but from what we’ve been able to ascertain there is a large and growing contingent of twenty-somethings that study, work and play in the Greenville SC area.

Maybe one of the reasons for that is this Upstate SC best places to live is also a college town.

Young people from all over South Carolina and the country come to the area to attend well-know liberal arts universities like Furman or Bob Jones University. And Clemson University is not too far down the road.

Parents of young children will be happy to know that the Greenville SC public school district is one of the largest in South Carolina. Greenville itself offers a number of educational opportunities especially charter, private and specialty schools.

Not long ago Greenville SC made Fortune magazine’s list of the top five great places to retire.

This is due to Greenville’s relatively low cost of living, low taxes, lots of affordable housing of all different shapes and sizes, and lots of opportunities to enjoy your golden years exploring the outdoors, attending various cultural events or exploring any number of lifelong learning pursuits.

I think you have to agree that Greenville really has a lot to offer in and of itself.

However, we’re going to spread out and take a look at all the Upstate South Carolina best places that are smaller towns and cities in the Greenville area with an eye on helping you find your best place to live, relocate or retire in North Carolina or South Carolina!

See you in the Carolinas!

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