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North Carolina Mountain Best Places To LiveDid you know there were so many NC Best Places To Live surrounding Asheville NC?

I have to be honest, as much as I had already decided Asheville was My best place to live, I’ve learned even more about not only Asheville but also the Mountain region of North Carolina on this trip.

While I want you to really get to know the Asheville NC area,  the purpose of all our journey’s is to give You new options.

Options when it comes to finding your best place to live, relocate or retire in North Carolina and South Carolina.

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that we’ve been looking at a number of different types of NC Best Places To Live:

  • Small subdivisions
  • Unincorporated communities
  • Small towns and cities

I’ve personally lost track of how many weeks we’ve been in Asheville NC.  But I can tell you so far, we’ve looked at the best places to live in the east, north and west.

We’ve explored NC Best Places to live in the Mountains of :

And we’re still not done!

So, today…. we’re moving southward.

Today we’re going to be visiting the NC Best Places to live on the south side of Asheville. We’re in some of the unincorporated communities that are expanding and definitely worth looking at.

I warn you I have little information about housing costs in these NC best places to live.  But safe to say they are going to be still very affordable.

You may find the housing in these areas a bit pricier due to the amount of land, size of house and desirability.

North Carolina Mountain Best Places To LiveOur first NC Best Places to live today in Asheville is a small unincorporated suburban community.

It’s about fourteen miles south of downtown Asheville.  And not far from beautiful Lake Julian and the Asheville Regional Airport.

The NC best places of Arden NC is like a lot of suburban communities around Asheville who’ve grown significantly from the great number of people moving to the area.

Best Places To Live In The North Carolina Mountains GuideBest Places In The North Carolina Mountains To Live Guide

Start Your New Life In The North Carolina Mountains Right

Arden’s the kind of place that has attracted a lot of younger families.  The most population is in the 40-64 age group.  And they seem to be looking for a little bit of quiet.  As well as a number of businesses including everything from high tech manufacturing to your typical small, western North Carolina craft shops.

As you travel up (North) Hendersonville Rd./US 25 towards Asheville, you’ll marvel at the mix of new residential and commercial development all tucked away in very pretty countryside with views of the mountains and a major national forest only minutes away.

North Carolina Mountain Best Places To LiveOur next stop to the NC Best Places to live in the Asheville NC area is another small section of south suburban Asheville called Oak Park.  Frankly I don’t have very good population stats to give you or any pictures.

The Oak Park NC area is around 5 minutes south of Arden and shares many of the same characteristics as Arden.

Please know, this is suburban therefore you won’t find a your classic brick and mortar small town with a central square or courthouse.

Most everything as far as businesses are concerned are along Hendersonville Rd./US 25.

However, if you get off the main drag, away from the strip malls, and explore a little bit in the nearby hills you’ll first see a lot of older rural homesteads and you’ll discover all manner of newer subdivisions, apartment complexes and so forth.

Despite all the traffic up Hendersonville Rd./US 25 this area is pretty quiet and laid back.

The people are friendly and you’ll find residents have come from all over the country just like yourselves to make the mountain region of North Carolina their best place to live.  At this time I don’t have very good information on home values in the Oak Park area but when we do I will make sure to do an update!

The final NC Best Places to live to relocate or retire in the Asheville NC area for the day is only a few more minutes south on Hendersonville Rd./US 25 which cuts through the middle of our next best small town in the Asheville area, Fletcher NC, population 7,266.

Fletcher has actually only been an incorporated community since 1989 but in that time the population as nearly tripled  and the town has done a lot to both manage its growth and invest in the kinds of things people are looking for in a small town.

For instance, in my opinion, Fletcher Community Park is easily one of the nicest parks in the Asheville area and possibly western North Carolina and not entirely what I was expecting when I first visited Fletcher.

The people here are friendly and care deeply about their community and while they enjoy a small town rural lifestyle and all it provides, they are also clearly focused on where Fletcher, NC is headed in the future.

I should mention the local housing stock has also increased significantly in the last 20 years and with a median home value of $133,700 you may want to keep Fletcher on your radar when looking for your best place to relocate or retire around Asheville NC!

I hope you’re learning and having as much fun as I am!

Okay so maybe you aren’t having quite as much fun….as I am here in the Mountains of North Carolina in the fall.

It’s a great time of year to be in the mountains of North Carolina with the beautiful autumn colors.  I’m sure you can imagine.

Perhaps this time next year you’ll be in North Carolina or South Carolina enjoying the view from your own best place to live.

Well another week gone and a few more stops in the Asheville area before we move on to another one of our favorite best places in North Carolina and South Carolina… which I will keep as a surprise for now so come back next week as we finish up our tour of the best places to live around Asheville North Carolina.

I’m outta here…miles to go! See you in the Carolinas.

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