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North Carolina Mountain Best Places To LiveFor the past few weeks we’ve been visiting the NC Best Places to live in the Asheville area.

At this point, you may be saying…

Bob, my best place to live is not in the mountains of North Carolina or in North Carolina at all.

Fair enough but I’ll share with you the #1 question I get from people just like you…

“How will I know I will like it in South Carolina or North Carolina and that it is my best place to live?”

So, I’ll remind you of this…

There is NO guarantee you’re going to like your new best place to live.  I wish there was for all of us.

However, I can tell you that part of feeling comfortable in any area is knowing about the area.

I bet if you think about where you are living now, you can tell me a lot about not only the immediate area but also the state and perhaps the neighboring states.

And while you may not be interested in Asheville, mountains or even North Carolina as you best place to relocate or retire…trust me.  This information will help to ensure you love Your best places to live in the Carolinas.

So stick with me!

Don’t be so quick to press the close button and not read about Asheville and all the other NC best places to live we’ve talked about and are going to be talking about in the months to come.

I trust you’ve learned more about the North Carolina Mountain area of Asheville and this information will help you find Your best place to relocate or retire in North Carolina or South Carolina.

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Carolina Report.

I know I mentioned it several weeks ago but just remember small towns and cities just outside larger metropolitan areas offer you the best of both worlds.  A quiet small town existence that is affordable.  And fulfilling while access to the best of the big city is only minutes away.

Last week we were visiting the north side of Asheville NC.  We’re in the Mountain NC best places to live small towns of Mars Hill, Leicester and Burnsville.

North Carolina Mountain Best Places To LiveToday our first stop in NC best places to live is in an unincorporated community.  About 10 miles west of Asheville not far off Interstate 40.

Candler for many years has been considered a small bedroom community that has attracted a lot of people who work in Asheville.

Best Places To Live In The North Carolina Mountains GuideNorth Carolina Best Places To Live Mountains Ultimate Guide

Start Your New Life In The North Carolina Mountains Right

Most residents of this NC Best Places to live in the mountains have chosen the quiet, affordability and community a smaller town can offer.

Candler offers pretty much all the amenities you’d expect in a small North Carolina town.

With the added bonus of having the same county (Buncombe County) level services you’ll find in and around Asheville.

Amenities including a county library branch and a satellite campus for the Asheville-Buncombe Technical College.

New residential development has taken hold in the last ten years with new subdivisions as well as some very pricy private communities being added to the local housing market.

North Carolina Mountain Best Places To Live

Head 10 miles west of Candler NC and you’ll bump into our next NC Best Places to live in the mountains. The town of Canton NC, population 4,227.

Sitting in the hills along the banks of the Pigeon River, the people of Canton offer refer to their town as “Where the Mountains reach the sky.”

The town itself is laid back with peaceful tree-lined streets and beautiful well established neighborhoods.

People in Canton are friendly and enjoy being out and about whether it be hanging out at the park catching a outdoor concert during the summer, enjoying hiking and camping in nearby Pisgah National Forest, or maybe even doing some skiing in nearby Maggie Valley.

Canton NC has long been a paper mill town but as with the influx of new people to the area it has also seen its local economy diversify in recent years abetted by the easy access afforded by being located on a major interstate and not far from a major regional airport.

Give this charming North Carolina small town a look!

North Carolina Mountain Best Places To LiveOur last NC Best Places to live in the Asheville area this week is Waynesville NC, population 9,877, a charming little community on the eastern side of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Waynesville is one of the more popular destinations for people looking to relocate or retire in North Carolina.

Only about 12 miles west of Canton, NC, Waynesville definitely has something for just about everyone.

Take a leisurely stroll through Waynesville’s classic downtown.  Soak up the genuine North Carolina small town atmosphere while checking out the eclectic mix of small shops, art galleries, funky restaurants and boutiques.

If you love culture and the arts Waynesville NC is home to the Museum of North Carolina handicrafts, a regionally recognized theater group and a variety of folk and dance festivals.

Outdoor lovers can enjoy hiking in the mountains, chilling out at nearby Lake Junuluska or hitting the ski slopes just down the road in Maggie Valley.


Well that’s all for this week!

I’ll see you next week when we continue our exploration of the NC Best Places to live, relocate or retire around Asheville North Carolina for your relocation or retirement.

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