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North Carolina Mountain Best Places To LiveIf you missed last week’s Carolina Report, then you’ll be surprised to find that we’ve moved almost 300 miles northwest of the South Carolina coastal city and beaches of Charleston SC.

We’re heading to NC Best Places to live into the mountains of western North Carolina.

We’re in Asheville NC to take a look at some of the NC Best Places to live small towns and cities in the area.

Hello and welcome back for another issue of The Carolina Report.

I know it’s quite a leap but in the weeks and months to come we’ll be going back and forth between large metropolitan areas in both North Carolina and South Carolina trying to give you more options when it comes to finding your NC and SC Best Places to live, relocate or retire.

I’m not going to take up a lot of your time now because we have a lot of real estate to cover in the months to come so without further ado let’s set down in Asheville NC and look east.

Our first NC Best Places to live today is a wonderful small mountain town located only 15 miles east of Asheville in some of the most beautiful country in the Carolinas.

Yes I mean both North Carolina and South Carolina.

North Carolina Mountain Best Places To LiveKnown to many as the “Front Porch of Western North Carolina” let’s take a look at the town of Black Mountain NC, population, 7,911.

Let me first say that when people refer to Black Mountain the “Front Porch” I believe they’re talking about many different things all of which point to how unique a small community Black Mountain really is.

First the mountains that have given the town its name are absolutely gorgeous!

The view of all the nearby natural beauty from town is first rate.

Secondly, when I think of front porches I think of a place that is welcoming and where people can come and be in community with one another and Black Mountain has that in spades as well.

Black Mountain NC is the kind of place where people enjoy life whether it be playing or listening to music, eating a fine meal or just relaxing and spending time with their neighbors.

Downtown is full of great restaurants and small shops that specialize in Appalachia crafts where you can watch local craftsman doing their work.

Frankly, my favorite was the local general store… especially grabbing an ice cream cone after a long hard day of taking in all the sights.

On another note, many think of the mountains as isolating but being on a major interstate like I-40 definitely makes Black Mountain quite accessible. What you don’t find here is literally only minutes away in Asheville.

North Carolina Mountain Best Places To Live

Next, we head west from Black Mountain about 5 miles down I-40 to the NC Best Places to live small town of Swannanoa NC, population 4,576.

Swannanoa draws its name from the Swannanoa River which snakes through town and also provides the name for the valley in which this beautiful little town sits.

A nature lover’s paradise, Swannanoa NC is also the kind of small community that has a lot of pride and knows how to pull together to get things done as witnessed by a pretty amazing community garden among other things.

North Carolina Mountain Best Places To Live GuideBest Places In The North Carolina Mountains To Live Guide

Start Your New Life In The North Carolina Mountains Right

As with many communities in this area, the arts and crafts community is very important here and I’ve been told there was a regular music “shindig” in Swannanoa and along with other festivals and workshops that draw people from all over the area who love old-time mountain music.

Swannanoa NC is also home to Warren Wilson College, one of a small number of “work colleges” requiring students to work on campus or perform community service to graduate.

For you history buffs its also the hometown of Elizabeth Patton Crockett, a.k.a. Mrs. Davy Crockett.

North Carolina Mountain Best Places To LiveWhat you really need to remember is that the median home value in Swannanoa NC is a little less than $85,000!

The unincorporated community of Fairview NC, population 2,678, is only about 10 miles east of Asheville on US-74 an is our last stop today.

Fairview like our other two smaller communities sits in Buncombe County but is considered more like an eastern suburb of Asheville.

You can see this in the new housing developments and planned communities that are settling into the hills here taking advantage of the areas beautiful rustic landscape and amazing views.

This is definitely the kind of small town where you’re literally minutes from downtown Asheville but able to enjoy a very slow-paced, quiet rural existence which has made Fairview a very popular place of late.

That’s it for this week.

Remember if you want more information about the NC Best Places To Live in the Asheville area visit our North Carolina Best Places.

Until next Friday, have a great weekend and an even better week!

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