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North Carolina Mountain Best Places To LiveYear in and year out, there is one place in North Carolina that continues to top my list of my favorite North Carolina Best Places To Live, retire or relocate.

It’s the kind of North Carolina best places to live I get a ton of questions and letters about and frankly its MY personal best place to live.

Where is this magical place?

Of course I’m referring to Asheville North Carolina, one of my favorite North Carolina Best Places To Live in the Mountains.

And believe me; I’m not alone in coming to this conclusion.

Do a quick Google search and I guarantee you’ll find hundreds of articles declaring Asheville North Carolina one of the number one North Carolina Best Places To Live, work, play, raise a family, retire, and so forth.

And that’s not just for North Carolina or the southeastern United States, but the entire country.

Some of you noticed a couple months back that we forgot to mention Asheville when we were doing our North Carolina Best Places To Live with populations between 30,000 and 50,000 people to which I say “guilty as charged.”

I have no excuse other than a full writing schedule. Nevertheless, my latest emphasis on looking at some of the best small towns and cities near major metropolitan areas in North Carolina and South Carolina has given me a second chance to extol the virtues of this North Carolina Best Places To Live in the Mountains.

Asheville’s location near the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains gives you many advantages.

First of all as our North Carolina Mountains Climate section talks about, Asheville enjoys a pleasantly moderate four season climate.  For those of you wanting to avoid more hot and humid southern climates, this is a great place.

In fact people have been vacationing in Asheville NC since the late 1700’s for that very same reason.

Also, if enjoying the outdoors is your thing, then the area’s breathtaking mountain vistas and beautiful natural environment provide excellent outdoor recreation opportunities.

There is hiking, rafting and fishing among many other things to do in the Asheville North Carolina area.

And if you choose to get away for the weekend, Asheville is located near a number of state and interstate highways.  Including the Blue Ridge Parkway (a ride you must take), and is also the home to a busy regional airport.

Then there’s the downtown itself.

Best Places To Live In The North Carolina Mountains GuideNorth Carolina Best Place To Live Mountains Guide

Start Your New Life In The North Carolina Mountains Right

Asheville NC’s downtown is truly a unique, some would say, classic place to be.

If you walk around the heart of downtown Asheville from cafes to art galleries to music clubs, you’ll notice a cosmopolitan atmosphere.  It is definitely not what you’d expect from your typical North Carolina Mountain town.

Asheville is not only a center for culture and the arts in the southeast, but it contains a lot of history.  In fact, it has one of the largest historical districts in the National register.

If you enjoy classic architecture, Asheville is said to have the largest number of art deco style buildings in the southeast next to Miami, FL.  And where else in the country can you hop in a car and visit the largest privately owned home in the US, the Biltmore Estate.

Asheville North Carolina also sports a vibrant and diversified business climate. Ample educational opportunities and a housing market that has something for everyone.

From high tech firms to major healthcare services centers down to the funkiest little shop downtown, Asheville has solid business and career opportunities for everyone.

Great public and private schools and a commitment to education as seen in the number of local colleges and universities, particularly the UNC –Asheville campus, are also a major draw.

While the real estate market may be a little pricier than some places in North Carolina, Asheville’s median home value is still reasonable in comparison to other parts of the country.

Frankly, if you like a low cost of living, high quality of life, low crime, ample business and career opportunities as well as a beautiful and unique natural environment, Asheville North Carolina is a great place to live.

Actually a North Carolina Best Places To Live.

Now…. let me get to what we’ll be doing the next month or so.

Clearly Asheville North Carolina is a best place to relocate or retire but what I want you to know is all the things that are great about Asheville can also be enjoyed in any one of the many smaller communities and towns in the Asheville area.

So once again prepare yourselves to hear about a lot of small towns and cities you may not have heard of that all provide great opportunities to find your best place in the Asheville area.

Trust me, we’re gonna go north, south, east and west on this one hitting as many places as we can so gear up and hang in there for another great ride, this time around Asheville NC!

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