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Coastal South Carolina Best Places To LiveWelcome back to the best small towns and cities of Charleston SC to relocate or retire.

This week we’ll journey south of the city to a couple of SC Coastal Best Places I think you need to keep in mind.

Before we go any further though, I wanted to mention a couple things about the expense of living on the coast.

As many of you know and I’ve talked about this before …

There are a few things to keep in mind if your best place to relocate or retire is along any coastline.

Anytime you have real estate next to the water, especially near beautiful sunshiny beaches, the price of housing is higher.

Several of these towns and cities we’ll talk about are located on small islands with limited space for residential construction naturally causing constraints on the supply of housing and meaning higher prices

Keep in mind weather.

No, I’m not talking about beautiful sunny skies year round.

I’m talking about tropical storms and hurricane season.

This means higher home insurance costs and having to buy a host of insurance products to mitigate any possible future events.

I don’t mean to scare you but a few of the towns we’ll look at were damaged quite severely in once-in-a-lifetime type storms like Hurricane Hugo and Andrew over twenty years ago.

Coastal South Carolina Best Places To Live GuideCoastal South Carolina Best Places Guide

Start Your Life In Coastal SC In The Right Place

That said, I would also note that the SC Coast Best Places To Live towns and communities around Charleston have something for every budget. And no shortage of people wanting to move to the area. so be not afraid… for there is a list of SC Coast Best Places To Live for you here too!


Let’s get going…

Today we’ll start out in a small community maybe ten minutes south of downtown Charleston SC often referred to by residents as “The Edge of America”, the city of Folly Beach SC.

Frankly, I’m not sure why although the shape of the island might remind some of an old-fashioned razor but that doesn’t really matter.  Living in Folly Beach is all about laying back and finally enjoying life’s slower pace.

And who can blame them when the natural beauty of the island and ocean are breathtaking. The climate is sunny and mild year-round. No big commercial developments, a good local economy and a diverse housing market. But most of all the benefits of being next to Charleston and within Charleston County.

Oddly enough it’s also one of the Best Places to surf on the East Coast.

The people here are definitely friendly and know how to enjoy themselves. And frankly they have a lot of options.

Besides all the fun and sun outdoors, Folly Beach also has a respectable local arts and culture scene. Including an art and craft guild, a really nice Fine Arts Center, local workshops and theater productions and even a Bluegrass Society.

Who knew?

Yes, a lot of tourists flock to this area of South Carolina for the beaches and the sun. But with that comes some really nice shops and restaurants and the locals are laid-back enough to take it all in stride.

For our next stop we head maybe twenty miles north from Folly Beach to a little chunk of Charleston SC that extends across the Ashley River commonly referred to by locals as West Ashley, population 57,403.

I should start off by saying that West Ashley isn’t actually a town or city but one of the six distinct sections or neighborhoods of Charleston City and definitely one with a lot of history.

West Ashley is the spot where the first permanent English settlement in the Carolinas was established and has some of the most beautiful old antebellum plantations in the Charleston area.

Nevertheless, West Ashley really didn’t take off until the 1950’s and the steady pace of development here has meant the population has more than doubled since the 1960’s.

West Ashley is generally a pretty modern place although I have to say I love all the older renovated brick cottages you find closer to Charleston proper.

Unlike the SC Coastal Best Places small beach communities we’ve looked at so far, West Ashley sports all the modern amenities you’d expect to find in the suburbs.

Amenities like malls and box stores and chain restaurants but best of all it is well connected to downtown Charleston only minutes away, meaning access to all the wonderful services and amenities of a major city.

The median home value in the West Ashley area is also a very affordable $140,000. Charleston is a wonderful area so you may want to explore West Ashley and consider it as your best place to relocate or retire.

Thanks again and I’ll see you next week when look at more of the SC Coastal Best Places small towns and cities in the Charleston SC area.


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