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Coastal South Carolina Best Places To LiveAs promised, today we are going to begin our next journey to SC beaches best places to live.

The best beach small towns around a city in South Carolina that has a lower than the national average unemployment rate.

And is especially for all you beach lovers.

Even if you don’t think your best place to live is among the SC beaches best places to live, stick around.

It’s good to know about the area you are considering for your relocation or retirement.

And the coastal Charleston SC area may just be a future vacation spot once you’ve moved.

Frankly when it came to picking one of the many South Carolina best places to live large cities there wasn’t much of a debate.  It had to be the beautiful coastal city of Charleston.

Without a doubt, Charleston SC is one of my favorite cities anywhere.  And frankly one of the most socially and economically dynamic places in either North Carolina or South Carolina.

Not to mention the lower than national average unemployment rate doesn’t hurt either.

Charleston’s the kind of place people have been flocking to for years.   It’s got history, beautiful architecture, friendly people, the ocean, beaches, you name it.

Unfortunately that notoriety has also made Charleston SC proper a pricier proposition to relocate or retire.

So what we’re going to do for the next few weeks is look at some of the SC beaches best places to live smaller towns and cities in the greater Charleston area.

And we’ll see if we can’t find that quiet, less expensive SC beaches best places to live for you.

What do I mean by “fast growing”?

We begin our journey in what was once a sleepy little fishing village.  East of the Cooper River and Charleston this SC beaches best places to live has become one of the fastest growing towns in the Charleston metropolitan.

Of course we’re talking about Mount Pleasant SC.

The population of Mount Pleasant has grown ten-fold in the last 40 years and more than doubled in the last 20 years.  There are a lot of good reasons for this.

One of Mount Pleasant’s appeals and what makes it a SC beaches best places to live is obviously its close proximity to Charleston.

Coastal South Carolina Best Places To LiveHowever development in Mount Pleasant has always emphasized maintaining a classic small town look.

With improvements in roads and other infrastructure over the years has made this area much more accessible.

Moreover, with better accessibility and good planning has come schools, hospitals and parks.

And all manner of services and amenities.  All this has provided a high quality of life.  And made Mount Pleasant a fairly affluent community.

I am impressed with the great variety of neighborhoods and planned communities in this SC beaches best places to live.   From a brand new New Urbanism community like the I’on Village to the historic antebellum homes.

Here you’ll find shaded lanes and beautiful gardens in the Old Village section of Mount Pleasant.

Most places are not far from the water and the view is amazing!

For recreation you have everything from beautiful parks and quality recreational facilities, nearby beaches, golf courses, deep sea fishing, state and national parks you name it.

If you want a little night life check out the wonderful seafood restaurants and bars over in Shem’s Creek.

I really had a fun time checking out the old retired aircraft carriers like the USS  Yorktown over at the Patriots Point Naval Museum right next to the Arthur Ravenel Bridge, too.

Anyway, being near the ocean and very close to Charleston SC means that real estate is a little bit pricier than some of the other smaller towns in South Carolina.

Coastal South Carolina Best Places To Live GuideCoastal South Carolina Best Places Guide

Start Your Life In Coastal SC In The Right Place

Next stop on our list of SC beaches best places to live …

A place that is a laid back beach community with a lot of history.  And sand and fun!

A small barrier island literally only five minutes south of downtown Mount Pleasant.

The small town of Sullivan’s Island is home to old forts and artillery batteries that used to protect Charleston Harbor.

Coastal Sullivan's Island SC beaches best places to liveSullivan’s Island SC has gone from a local favorite for it’s beaches to a year round tourist destination.

However, Sullivan’s Island has done little to change the casual, laid back, small town feel.

The town itself is obviously quite small and higher real estate prices add to an aura of exclusivity.

However, talking to people who live on Sullivan’s Island, you find a strong sense of community.

And a devotion to making sure Sullivan’s Island continues to be a wonderful place to live. While maintaining its place on the list of SC beaches best places to live.

I could talk all day about how wonderful the sand and sun are here but the quaint little restaurants and shops alongside a classic park with an old fashioned gazebo go a long way to reinforce the sense you’ve found a truly special place.

For Sullivan’s Island to be your SC beaches best places to live relocate or retire, you’ll have to dig deep into your pocket.  The real estate is among the highest in South Carolina as you would suspect.

See you next week as we continue our exploration of the SC beaches best places to live around Charleston SC!

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