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Coastal South Carolina Best Places To LiveIn addition being a Best Place to live Charleston SC, is now a member of Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards Hall of Fame.

Being a member of the Hall of Fame is a distinction that recognizes Charleston’s decade-long presence on the magazine’s annual readers’ survey list of Top Ten Cities in the United States and Canada.


Congratulations to Charleston SC.

It’s only fitting that this week as we’re beginning our journey to the Best Places along coastal South Carolina, we  begin in Charleston.

Whether you’re familiar with Charleston or not, I’d like to talk just a bit more about this  great city along the Atlantic coastline before begin our journey.

Charleston SC is reminiscent of the Civil War era with all types of War monuments woven throughout the city. It isn’t hard to imagine it’s history as the fourth largest port along the Atlantic.

If you’ve ever been to Charleston and glanced upon it’s low-rise city scape you can’t ignore the prevalence of churches. With over 400 places of worship you can understand how it is also known as The Holy City.

With a hot and humid sub-tropical climate, imagine being transported back in time to beautiful homes of early architectural style with wrought iron gates, cobblestone gas lite streets and the sound of  horse drawn carriages weaving throughout the city.  Charleston SC is beautiful, seductive and romantic.

However, impeccable Charleston is in it’s historic preservation, Charleston is also a very much a modern, forward looking city.

Charleston SC enters the 21st century with a diversified economy built on high technology, information technology, and other future oriented businesses.


Coastal South Carolina Best Places To Live GuideCoastal South Carolina Best Places Guide

Start Your Life In Coastal SC In The Right Place

And for those who are looking forward to their best place providing a more relaxed lifestyle Charleston’s location and great natural beauty provides beautiful beaches as well as a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities.

No matter your age, you can spend countless hours exploring Charleston’s numerous natural wildlife areas,  19 championship golf courses, playing tennis or a variety of local water pursuits.

And if culture is more your style, tour the many historic districts, visit the Dock Street Theater or Gibbes Memorial Art Gallery.  And don’t forget to dine at one of Charleston’s many fine restaurants and shop at the Old City market.

For all Charleston SC has to offer as a best place to relocate or retire it does come with a price. You’ll find the cost of living is right at the national average which means compared to a lot of places in South Carolina housing is more expensive. This is especially true the closer you live to downtown.

And living on the southern coast you will have the extra expense for insurance against hurricanes and tropical storms. However, the Charleston housing market has a good variety and something to fit every budget. As with most of the country, right now there are more sellers than buyers so there are good deals to be had.

If education is a concern to you….

Charleston SC is a major college town with several highly ranked universities as well as a public school system that does very well in state rankings and has some of the top rated high schools in South Carolina.

If your considering Charleston as your best place to live and are young at heart, you’ll find lifelong learning opportunities at places like the College of Charleston’s Center for Creative Retirement.

I could go on and on and on about Charleston SC and all it’s charm and history but in the end, I highly recommend you see for yourself.  Maybe you haven’t thought about South Carolina as your best place to live in the past but it is definitely worth checking out.

I’ll see you next week when be begin our adventure to the best places to relocate or retire around coastal Charleston SC.

Until then…have a great week.

See You in the Carolinas!

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