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Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To Live Jobs And Economic SituationFor many weeks we’ve been visiting the Piedmont North Carolina best places to live around the Research Triangle (yes, we’ll be exploring South Carolina in the same way.)

In the meantime as we’ve traveled, many of you have written asking me about the job situation in both North Carolina and South Carolina.

“Bob, are there jobs in the Carolinas?”

So, although we haven’t finished our journey around the Piedmont North Carolina best places to live in the Research Triangle, with the school year having come to a close and some of you wanting to relocate this summer, I thought it would be a great time to answer some of those questions.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll take a closer look at the job market and economic situation in both North Carolina and South Carolina.

One common factor for each of the Piedmont North Carolina best places to live we have been visiting “Around the Research Triangle” is their proximity to Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill.

What does this mean to You if you are considering relocating or retiring (and wanting to work) to North Carolina? And how does this answer your questions about the job situation in North Carolina?

This mean JOBS!

The Research Triangle Park is an epicenter of innovation in more than a dozen companies.  And North Carolina was ranked #3 Best State for Business by Forbes Magazine in 2010 and 2011.

Whether you are a young professional just starting out, someone mid-career looking to move up.  Or a retired person who wants to keep busy, today we’re going to talk about the job market in North Carolina best places to live.

And we’re talking about some strategies and resources I think will help you find a job in Your North Carolina best places to live.

“What will I do to support myself and my family when I get there?”

North Carolina Economy and Jobs:

Anyone looking for work in North Carolina best places to live is going to find that the long recent economic downturn has made things challenging but not impossible.

Yes, North Carolina’s unemployment rate has been high like many other areas in the country.  However that number has dropped significantly in the last year and all recent economic surveys suggest that North Carolina’s economy is expanding and jobs are being created.


North Carolina Best Places To Live Ultimate GuideNorth Carolina Best Places To Live Ultimate Guide

Start Your New Life Right In NC!

So while the good news is yes there are jobs in the North Carolina best places to live.  And you can make a living, right now in these economic times.

It may be important to keep in mind as you consider the options for your North Carolina best places to live,  the pace of economic recovery and how it varies from region to region.

In general, North Carolina’s large urbanized metropolitan areas with diverse economies and future-oriented industries are the places where jobs are coming back the fastest.

Areas that are more rural and dependent on North Carolina’s traditional farming, manufacturing and mineral extraction economy have lost jobs and are growing more slowly.

A recent economic survey put out by North Carolina State University pegged the following North Carolina best places to live as leading regional centers for economic growth in the state:

The North Carolina best places to live expected to grow much slower are:

Okay, so what sectors of the North Carolina economy are hiring and what are they looking for?

The groups that are currently showing the strongest growth are:

  • Up 4.1 – Professional and Business services (managers, IT people, administrative assistants, engineers, scientists, etc.)
  • Up 1.4 – Health and Education services(teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers, etc.)
  • Up 2.5 – Trade, Transportation and Utilities (wholesale, retail, transportation and warehousing, utilities)
  • Up 2.1 – Leisure and Hospitality (food service, hotels, performing arts, entertainment, etc.)

The figures above are as of  December 2013.

This is indicative of the trend in the past 12 months as they continue to do well, but in the current economic recovery people in the professional and business services fields are in high demand and seeing the most job growth.

Manufacturing and construction jobs are harder to come by.

Many of you want to have a job lined up in North Carolina  before you move or at least be ready when you get there.

Here are some basic long distance job hunting tips I hope will help.

  • Take stock:  List all your skills, work experience, strengths and weaknesses.  Remember, you are not bound by past or current career paths in your potential new home.
  • Research:  Get acquainted with the job market in the cities and towns you are looking to relocate.  Go online, look at local newspapers and classified ads, read everything you can find on what you want to do.
  • Network:  Make use of your friends, colleagues, professional associations, alumni associations, etc. and try to make new contacts where you want to settle.
  • Inquire:  It never hurts to make yourself known by contacting potential employers.
  • Assess and Reassess:  See what works and what doesn’t and adjust your plans.

North Carolina Best Places To Live Job Hunt Resources

I am not an employment agency and I certainly don’t have any magic ball to tell you exactly where to go to find a job in North Carolina however, here are a few websites I think will help you find Your new job in North Carolina best places to live.

The Employment Security Commission of North Carolina (

Best source on employment statistics and trends.  Check out the Find a Job link under the Individual Services tab for a comprehensive list of NC job websites.

Job Carolina (

Great list of NC job hunt resources including links to networking, state and local government and NC employer websites. Carolina (

Good resource for specific NC job searches and career information.

Good luck!  I hope this was of some help to you as you start making plans to relocate or retire and the decision of your North Carolina best places to live.

Next week we’ll continue our conversation about business and jobs in the Carolinas and delve into the job situation in South Carolina best places to live.

See you next week!

Post Updated March 2019

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