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Well, if it’s Friday it must be time for The Carolina Report and our journey to the NC best places to live.

Hi everyone and welcome!

Those of you who’ve been following our trip through the NC best places to live for the last few weeks know that we are exploring a number of small towns in the Triangle/Research Triangle.

The Research Triangle of North Carolina’s northern Piedmont Region as potential NC best places to live small towns and cities for you to relocate or retire in North Carolina.

Now some of you who are new to The Carolina Report might ask yourself, “Why?”

Well, good question.

The long answer is that the Research Triangle in North Carolina (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill), is one of the fastest growing places in the entire country.

The Research Triangle area drives a lot of the state and regional economy.  So correspondingly it is a place with good jobs, quality housing, incredible economic and social diversity and just a higher standard of living all together. Thus making it a NC best places to live.

Of course, the short answer is that you, our readers, asked me to show you more NC best places to live small towns and cities.  And I’m pleased as punch you did because frankly there are a lot of neat smaller towns and cities in this area with a lot to offer you!

Without further ado let’s go ahead and learn about our 8th stop in a Piedmont NC best places to live small town whose name conjures us some truly pleasant imagery, Holly Springs  NC.

Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To LiveHolly Springs sits about 25 miles south of Raleigh NC.   Not far removed from the southern bounds of Cary and Apex NC.  Which are frankly two of my favorite NC best places to live.

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Just like Raleigh, Cary and Apex, Holly Springs has experienced considerable growth in the last twenty years.  Going from a small rural town of less than 900 people to 26,865.

Holly Springs NC had known little but hard times for several decades but now is a revitalized community welcoming new people and businesses from all over the area and all over the country.

If you take a closer look at this NC best places to live you’ll see that that growth has been managed quite well.  And the town has done a lot to maintain its small town charm.

I particularly like the classic feel of the town hall sitting right in the middle of things on Main street, not far from shops and restaurants.

You’ll also notice a conscious effort to provide public spaces for people to meet, hang out and relax.  For a small town Holly Springs, NC has an awful lot of community, especially family-oriented activities to offer.

The local median home value in Holly Springs NC is still only around $232,600 so check it out!

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