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As you know, when we finished visiting the Piedmont best places to live in North Carolina close to Raleigh in the Research Triangle, I had a lot of good feedback.

SeveralCarrboro Piedmont Best Places To Live In North Carolina of you while you liked the idea of living in a big metropolitan area you really wanted to hear more about some of the smaller communities in and around the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area.

And to that I say, “Bravo”!

Hello again and welcome back to The Carolina Report.

As we’ve hit on time and time again, best places to live in North Carolina smaller towns outside of larger cities offer you a number of advantages when you’re looking for your best place to retire or relocate in North Carolina or South Carolina.

So far, we’ve talked about two of the advantages to best places to live in North Carolina smaller towns;

  1. They are generally less expensive places to live so your money will go farther and the other
  2. Smaller communities offer a quieter, slower paced style of life that is attractive to most anyone

Today I’ll add another small advantage that goes hand and hand with the last which is…

Smaller towns offer a better sense of community!

The sense that you are truly connected to a place and the people who you call your neighbors.

Today’s best places to live in North Carolina to relocate or retire  is another perfect example of a place with a very strong sense of community but before we talk about that, remember…

Since Raleigh, the best places to live in North Carolina around the Research Triangle:

Piedmont Best Places To Live In North CarolinaPiedmont Best Places To Live In North Carolina Guide

Explore More Piedmont NC Best Places To Live

Okay, so let’s start by heading only five minutes west of Award Winning Chapel Hill, NC to the “Paris of the Piedmont” a.k.a. Carrboro NC, population 20,433.

Carrboro NC was once your typical sleepy little mill town.

It was also home to lower income UNC (University of North Carolina) workers that in recent years has transformed itself into a vibrant progressive community proud of its economic and cultural diversity.

Carrboro Piedmont Best Places To Live In North CarolinaLearn About Living In NCBeing close to Chapel Hill, Carrboro definitely has attracted its fair share of free-spirits and creative types.

Needless to say it’s a safe, cosmopolitan place but also a place where people value community and helping others.

They say the local Saturday Farmers market in Carrboro is one of the best in the nation.

And believe me Carrboro NC is a great place to get to know your neighbors while getting some of the best local produce you can find anywhere.

Downtown Carrboro is a nice mix of old and new with some really wonderful little restaurants and cool shops.

Carrboro also has a very active arts and culture community and there is always something going on.

You’ll find small gallery exhibitions to large outdoor arts and music festivals on and everything in between.

Young families will also appreciate the Carrboro/Chapel Hill public school system which is one of the best in North Carolina and nearby educational opportunities for all ages in general are outstanding.

In terms of housing, Carrboro, North Carolina has something for every budget however it might be a bit pricey.   The median home value is around $335,852.

That’s it for today!

I’ll see you next week as we continue our journey around the Research Triangle to the Piedmont best places to live in North Carolina.

Post Updated March 2014

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