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Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To LiveA couple of weeks ago we began our journey taking a look at some of the Best Places To Live In North Carolina in smaller towns.

Small towns in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill NC area, otherwise known as the Triangle or Research Triangle.

Welcome back to another Carolina Report!

Just to recap the Best Places To Live In North Carolina we’ve already visited…

Research Triangle Best Places To Live In North Carolina

Today, we continue our journey heading south a bit closer to the Best Places To Live In North Carolina of Durham NC.

One of the best advantages of living in a smaller town is cost of living.

Simply …. Money $$$$$.

The cost of living in a NC Best Places smaller town or city is often much less than you’ll find in a much larger city.

That is especially true in North Carolina and South Carolina .

From buying a home to paying property taxes means extra money in your pocket.

The next advantage is something I’ll just call Lifestyle.

Smaller towns or cities tend to be quieter places to live than the “big city” and if your  looking to retreat to a quiet place after work or just avoid the hustle and bustle all together you definitely want to consider a small city surrounding a metro area.

With that in mind, let’s look at our first stop, the town of Hillsborough NC, population 6087.

Hillsborough NC is the county seat of Orange County and sits about 14 miles west of Durham, NC and twenty miles north of Chapel Hill NC.

Hillsborough prides itself on being a sleepy little southern town with history to spare and a unique appreciation of the things that bring a higher quality of life.

Few small towns can lay claim to so many significant historic events from the colonial era through the Revolutionary War and Civil War and that history is on display and draws thousands of tourists every year.

Downtown Hillsborough, NC is an amazing mix of old and trendy with chic cafes sitting next to old tried and true mom and pop shops.

But perhaps best of all are the people!  They are friendly and clearly place a high value on community.

I am also struck at how beautiful the local surroundings are, especially all the amazing gardens and landscapes and how peaceful and quiet a place it is.

In addition to all the historical sites Hillsborough’s has an impressive active and thriving arts and culture scene and I’m told a number of famous writers call the town home.

Now you’d think with all this to offer, Hillsborough housing would be pretty expensive.

Check out Hillsborough if your thinking your best place to live in North Carolina is in the Piedmont Region.

You may want to take a look even if you haven’t thought about the area.

You never know….it might just be your best place to relocate or retire in North Carolina.

I’m outta here…got to get on the road.

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