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Research Triangle Piedmont Raleigh Best Places In North Carolina To Live Raleigh NC is not just the state capital but the second largest city in North Carolina.

It’s not hard to see why it’s attracting so many people looking to relocate or retire in the Best Places In North Carolina.

Okay, this week we are looking at a city in North Carolina with a population of 300,000 plus.

And there aren’t a lot of best places in North Carolina or South Carolina like this city.

I have to say visiting the Best Places In North Carolina and South Carolina has been a lot of fun.  Special thanks to those of you who wrote in suggesting we look at our best places to live in the Carolinas by population.

Now, without further ado, this week we move east from our visit last week another of the best places in North Carolina to live of Greensboro.

Today we’re going to and visit one of the most popular places to live and work in the nation, Raleigh NC.

Obviously Raleigh is a government town so it’s the kind of place that attracts a diverse and professional workforce. So Raleigh tends to enjoy a fairly stable local economy even in a down economy.

It isn’t any wonder as a best places in North Carolina, it’s also a college town. Home to not only North Carolina State University but eight other smaller colleges and technical schools.  Which means a lot of young people and a vibrant social and economic scene.

It also means that education is a big deal here.  And as with other best places in North Carolina,  government/college towns and cities you’ll see more support for education and quality local school systems.

While state government and the university are major parts of the local economy, what puts Raleigh NC on the map is the nearby Research Triangle Park.  The Park has hundreds of national and international companies doing some of the most advanced bio-medical research and high tech manufacturing in the world.

Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To Live GuidePiedmont North Carolina Best Places To Live Guide

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All this means a higher standard of living.  Investments in the things that add to quality of life as well as great career and business opportunities for you.

And don’t worry about access or transportation.  This part of the north Piedmont region has several major national and state highways. And they all seem to converge near Raleigh. And railroad lines with Amtrak service to much of the East Coast.  The Raleigh Durham International Airport provides air service to just about anywhere.

In terms of housing, Raleigh NC has something to fit any budget.  You’ll find single family homes are the most common but condominiums, townhouses, multi-family housing and manufactured housing are all popular options.

A little less than half of Raleigh NC residents are renters which bodes well for those of you not looking to buy.

What I personally like about Raleigh is that for a big city is quite walkable and almost feels smaller than you would suspect being a large best places in North Carolina.

Most of downtown Raleigh is dominated by business and historic government buildings.  But moving outward you find all manner of cool neighborhoods.  Neighborhoods where the businesses are small, the shops are funky and the food and entertainment are first rate.

And another thing, there’s a reason why they call this place the “City of Oaks.” Because there are beautiful lush trees everywhere.  In fact, there are times where you’ll feel like you are living in a forest not a city.  And the people here genuinely love their parks and greenways.

I highly recommend hitting the Capital Area Greenway and see what I mean.

Raleigh NC also has an active arts and culture community and home to some of the best museums in the state and quite possibly the East Coast.  I really like visiting the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science and the state of the art North Carolina Museum of History.

Of course if museums or art galleries aren’t your thing, college sports, especially big time Division 1 basketball are king in this part of the state and the rivalries between the NC State Wolfpack and neighboring UNC Tarheels and Duke Blue Devils make for a lot of excitement.

And if you love golf, there are so many great local golf courses its no wonder people describe this area as “tees, trees and PhDs.”

Well that’s it for this week and our visit Best Places in North Carolina.

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you next Friday!

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