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Best Places To Live In NC Greensboro Goes Green !!!!  Can you believe it?Piedmont Best Places To Live In NC Goldsboro Goes Green

Good to see you again on this fine Friday and time for another Carolina Report!

Here we go on adventure looking at the best places to live in NC and SC with populations between 201,000 and 300,000 people.

As you know there are not many best places to live in SC or NC towns and cities of this size.

But there is cluster of small towns and cities and best places to live in NC in the northern Piedmont region. Which is where we find ourselves yet again today.

Last week we hit the “Twin Cities.”

Winston-Salem NC and today we head about a half-hour east to a place that puts the “Tri” in the Piedmont Triad, Greensboro NC.

Remember, the Piedmont Triad consists of Winston-Salem, High Point and Greensboro NC.

Greensboro enjoys a number of things that many of the other cities we’ve looked at in the Piedmont best places to live in NC enjoys.  However perhaps one of the things that separates Greensboro from the rest is their commitment to energy conservation.

City-wide energy conservation measures are aimed at lowering energy costs, creating a more comfortable living environment, improving residents’ health and safety, reducing fossil fuel emissions, slowing climate change and aiding in the preservation of our natural resources for future generations.”  –City Of Greensboro NC

Is it any wonder why Greensboro has made it onto the list of one of the Best Places To Live In NC?

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As you’ve heard me say several times when we are exploring the Piedmont best places to live in NC, Greensboro was a small agricultural village.  The village eventually rose to prominence when it found itself included as a stop on the new North Carolina Railroad in the mid 1800s.

Greensboro quickly became a major transportation and freight hub.

It also became a major industrial city known for its textile mills, tobacco products and furniture production.

Some of you history buffs probably know that one of the most pivotal battles of the Revolutionary War occurred near Greensboro NC.

Greensboro was also considered the last capital of the Confederacy.  And holds claim to local black college students developed the sit-in protest in Greensboro.  The sit-in eventually helped force the integration of several major national chain stores in the 1960’s.

Talk about filled with history!

While as with most best places to live in NC, Greensboro’s history is rich and compelling.   I mention it because it’s had a profound impact on what kind of community it is.   And the history has impact on what makes it one of the Piedmont best places to live in NC today.

Remember, the railroad and early industrialization tell you that you’re in a place that has well developed infrastructure.   And a NC best place to live that has built the kind of economic base that would eventually make it home to institutions of higher education.   As well as culture and a newer more diverse economy.

Greensboro NC is still home to major textile manufacturers.  But the main focus of the local economy now is:

  • high tech manufacturing
  • nanotechnology
  • bio-technology
  • insurance
  • finance
  • transportation
  • logistical operations

And an increasingly popular place for new future oriented businesses.  And with that comes younger workers looking to call their Greensboro their Piedmont best places to live in NC-home.

Greensboro has responded to it’s popularity by investing in the kinds of things that increase the quality of life.   Be it new services or green spaces or needed infrastructure.

Walk around downtown Greensboro and you’ll see the results of major revitalization efforts.  These efforts have made the downtown the kind of place people want to spend not only money but the time getting to know one another.

I really love the classic architecture you see.  From the storefronts to the larger buildings that makes it feel like a small town.  But one with the services and amenities of a large city.

This feeling is reinforced by all the beautiful parks and green spaces around town.  Especially Center City Park right in the middle of downtown.

Branching out from downtown you’ll find a wide variety of beautiful neighborhoods.  Homes offering everything from remodeled Colonials to newer developments.  Homes and apartments of a more contemporary style.

Greensboro NC offers a lot of opportunities to get out and about!

In general the climate is mild meaning you can go and enjoy the outdoors pretty much all year round.
I’ve already mentioned the parks and green spaces but I really enjoy visiting the Arboretum.  And I have to take in a game at New Bridge Bank Park.  Home to the local Class A minor league baseball team, the Grasshoppers.

Greensboro NC is also a city with a well developed arts community.  It offers plenty of museums, theaters and art galleries to keep anyone busy.

I should also mention that Greensboro has nationally recognized restaurants, great shopping and nightlife as well as a vibrant music scene.

Educational opportunities abound with at least half a dozen institutions of higher learning making their home in Greensboro NC and with a strong local biotech industry come solid medical facilities and care.

Alright, that’s all for this week’s Carolina Report but come back next Friday.

Remember discover more about Greensboro NC or other Best Places To Live In NC towns and cities.

Till next week….make it a great one!

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