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Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To Live

Our destination is one of the Piedmont Best Places in North Carolina to live.  The city of Winston-Salem, population 234,617.

Most of you are at an age that when you hear Winston-Salem NC you probably think R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.

I know…you think about cigarette brands from Camels to Dorals.  And that is an important part of the city’s story.

The Winston-Salem of today and part of what makes it a best places in North Carolina to live is it is a city moving full-steam head-long into the future.

Another week and another one of our best places to live in North Carolina or South Carolina to relocate or retire!

Last week we were in the northern Piedmont Region of North Carolina in the Research Triangle area visiting Durham NC.

This week we head an hour and half west to another impressive cluster of large cities and best places in North Carolina to live.  Commonly referred to as the Piedmont Triad.  Consisting of High Point, Greensboro and of course, Winston-Salem.

Today we continue our journey to the best places in North Carolina to live.  Remember, we’re visiting the special group of towns and cities with populations between 201,000 and 300,000.

If you noticed the title of this post “A Top 10 Digital City,”  that refers to the fact that Winston-Salem North Carolina is deeply invested in employing digital technology.  And they are using this technology to better provide information and services to its residents.

More importantly, as one of the best places in North Carolina to live, Winston-Salem has consciously embraced the Research Triangle model.

They have brought local universities, entrepreneurs and private companies together.  Creating a local economy based on bio-medical research, nanotechnology, life sciences and advanced manufacturing.  And this is bringing in businessmen and young workers from all over the globe.

This gives the city high marks in national surveys. And in turn making Winston-Salem a best places in North Carolina not only to live but to work.  It is regarded as a prime place to start businesses or careers.  Which in turn means to you that this is a dynamic place with very good job and business opportunities.

Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To Live GuidePiedmont Best Places In North Carolina To Live Guide

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One of the other benefits of having a strong and diversified local economy is that Winston-Salem has the resources to invest.

And they have chosen to invest in the kinds of services and infrastructure that offer a higher quality of life.  From public transportation to public parks.  And world class museums and performance centers.

Actually the city sports a very active arts and culture scene.  Winston-Salem has its own symphony orchestra, two major art museums, an annual film festival.  With a lot of happening art galleries in an old reclaimed tobacco market know known as the Downtown Art District.

Needless to say Winston-Salem North Carolina a.k.a “The City of Arts and Innovation” is a cosmopolitan place as well as a best places in North Carolina to live.  So you’re sure to meet people from just about everywhere.   People who like you are new to the area and making the most of it.

Okay, so Winston-Salem has jobs! A dynamic and diverse economy.  Strong arts and culture scene, and the services and amenities you’d hope for in a medium to large sized city.  And I know you’re asking yourselves…

“What else?”

Well, did I mention that Winston Salem is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the northwest Piedmont region of North Carolina?   With a four season climate that is perfect for spending time outdoor pretty much all year long?

Whether it’s hitting one of hundreds of golf courses, recreation centers, tennis courts, pools, parks and greenways Winston-Salem’s got something for everyone.

You may have noticed I mentioned universities earlier? Winston-Salem is home to Wake Forest University and half a dozen other institutes of higher learning.

Being a bio-medical research center Winston-Salem also has excellent hospitals and access to medical care.

Winston-Salem NC has a rich past, culture and natural beauty.  All the things that make big cities great. Including a good variety of housing options.  This Piedmont best places in North Carolina to live definitely has homes that can be found at fairly reasonable rates.

About 44% of local residents are renters so for those of you not interested in buying a home at this time will find renting is a good option in Winston-Salem.

Til next we meet I hope you have a wonderful week!


See You Next Week if not before in the Carolinas!

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