You’re Going To Be Surprised Happy Holidays

You would think this would be one of the easiest Carolina Reports to write however…

I began to write a simple “Happy Holidays” to You and your family and I couldn’t help but think about what Holiday you may be celebrating.  And of course I thought about if next year you would be celebrating in one of the NC and SC best places to live.

So I set out on a quest (you know me..research, research) to find out what holidays were being celebrated this month (other than the obvious) and to my surprise…

The number of holidays that are celebrated each December are well into the double digits.


I couldn’t believe it once I started .

Every day there is a holiday and on some days there are 2, 3 and 4 celebrations.

What I discovered was that after countless hours of reading and searching to find the meaning and origin of some of these holidays, I decided it was much easier to explore, research and write about the Carolina best places to relocate or retire.

Who would of thought?

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share what I found with you.

Keep in mind most of the “National” holidays I couldn’t find where they originated or who started the tradition.

Some holidays I’m sure you’re aware of, but I think there may be some on this list you’ve never heard of.

And…I haven’t listed them all!

But before we get to the list…

From All of us at Places of we wish each of You and your families the happiest of holiday seasons filled with love and laughter!

The Carolina Best Places To Live Happy Holidays 2011I look forward to seeing you next year as we continue our journey through the Carolina best places to relocate and retire.

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Be sure to stay tuned and ready to travel in 2012 to Carolina Best Places!

Are you ready?

Let’s get to the December Holidays.

December 1
World Aids Awareness DayStarted on 1st December 1988, World AIDS Day is about raising money, increasing awareness, fighting prejudice and improving education.World AIDS Day serves as a reminder that HIV has not gone away, there are many things still to be done.
December 2 National Fritters DayThe first historical record of the fritter dates back to 1665.I couldn’t find much documentation about the holiday other than it is widely celebrated each year.
December 3 National Roof over Your Head DayIt is a day of appreciation for the things we have, starting with the roof over our heads.Maybe make a contribution to a homeless shelter, so others can come in out of the rain.
December 4 Santa’s List Day
What more can I say?I hope you’ve been “Nice”!
December 4 Wear Brown Shoes Day I was hoping to find the history/origin of Wear Brown Shoes Day that would shed some light as to it’s meaning.However, while I can find many references to the holiday I wasn’t able to find any background information other than it exists.
December 5 Repeal Day
The 21st Amendment ends Prohibition.The thirteen years of Prohibition in the U.S. as the criminalization of alcohol led to a rise in civil delinquency and organized crime, and to the loss of customs associated with the production, preparation, and consumption of alcohol.The celebration of Repeal Day marks a return to the traditions of craft fermentation and distillation, the legitimacy of the American bartender as a contributor to the culinary arts, and the responsible enjoyment of alcohol as a social custom.
December 6 St. Nicholas DayOften thought of as Santa, St Nicholas’ gift-giving role in Christmas rites probably follows from his fame as the friend of children. As the story goes he used to give anonymous donations of gold coins to persons in need. His cult spread in Europe and Christmas presents were distributed on December 6th when the celebration of St. Nicholas took place.
December 7 Pearl Harbor Day Pearl Harbor is an inlet of the Pacific Ocean on the southern coast of Oahu, Hawaii, west of Honolulu.It became the site of a naval base after the United States annexed Hawaii in 1900.On Sunday, December 7, 1941, Japanese planes attacked the base, and the United States entered World War II the following day.
December 8 National Brownie DayMany sources say that brownies originated in New England during the early twentieth century, but there are many variations to the tale.One story says that a Boston chef mistakenly added melted chocolate to a batch of biscuits, thus creating the first brownies.Another version claims that a housewife in Bangor, Maine was making a chocolate cake but forgot to add baking powder.
December 9 National Pastry DayDid you know that pastries have been around since 2600 B.C.?The Egyptians made doughnut-like pastries out of crude flour and honey, and then dipped them in wine.In the 7th century, pastry-making developed as a culinary art form in the Middle East.It spread to Europe after the Crusades, and French and Italian chefs developed their own version of the recipes and experimented with new techniques.
December 10 Human Rights DayThe United Nations’ (UN) Human Rights Day is annually observed December 10 to mark the anniversary of the presentation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.Human Rights Day is a time for people to reflect about the meaning, importance, and need for human rights.
International Children’s Day Some conflicting reports on when this holiday is celebrated.  June 1st or December 11 or the second Sunday in December.What was clear is this day is intended to be a day to raise awareness about Child Rights Freedom from discrimination, Child Abuse and Child Labor.
December 12 National Ding-a-Ling Day. . .Founded in 1971 “to promote the idea that a ding-a-ling is a wonderful, loving, intelligent, friendly, and the most desirable kind of person to know . . .A real bell ringer!”
December 12 Poinsettia Day The date marks the death of Joel Roberts Poinsett, an American botanist, physician and Minister to Mexico who in 1828 sent cuttings of the plant he’d discovered in Southern Mexico to his home in Charleston, South Carolina.
December 13 Violin Day Needless to say, I could not find the origin of Violin Day.What I did find was the common belief  it may be due to the numerous concerts centered around the holiday season.
December 14 National Bouillabaisse Day Celebrated by preparing and relishing a delicious fish stew that is slow cooked over a period of time.The National Bouillabaisse day recipes used to be traditionally cooked as the fishermen of Marseilles used to prepare them.Over time, the National Bouillabaisse day is now celebrated with an assortment of different fishes.
December 15 Bill of Rights Day The first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution of 1787— the Bill of Rights—were ratified on December 15, 1791.This landmark document protected American citizens from specific abuses by their government and guaranteed such basic rights as the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press.In 1941 President Franklin D. Roosevelt designated December 15 as Bill of Rights Day and called upon Americans to observe it with appropriate patriotic ceremonies.
December 15 National Lemon Cupcake Day Another one of those holidays I couldn’t find when, where or how it began.  We love our food don’t we?What the heck, another reason to celebrate each day of the month of December.Lemon cupcakes should have a nice warm lemony flavor; not too tart, not too sweet, but just right.
December 16 National Chocolate Covered Anything DayNational Chocolate-Covered Anything Day has obscure origins.But I have a feeling it gives a lot of people good reason to celebrate their love of chocolate.Whether indulging in chocolate coated goodies, giving chocolates as gifts or getting creative and perhaps making your own delights.
December 17 National Maple Syrup Day Native Americans were the first to harvest and boil the sap of the maple tree into a thick syrup during the 1600s.Tapping a maple tree does no permanent damage to the tree and only 10 percent of the sap produced in a year is actually collected.Many maple trees have been tapped for 150 years or more!Did you know that it takes 30-50 gallons of sap to make one gallon of maple syrup?
December 18 National Roast Suckling Pig Day And who says it’s “National”?  Again, I couldn’t find the origin of the holiday but I could find lots of people who love the holiday.I even found restaurant owners in Manhattan talking about who was doing what for this holiday.
December 19 Oatmeal Muffin Day Oatmeal Muffin Day is celebrated on December 19th of each year.I was unable to discover the origins of Oatmeal Muffin Day, however from what I can tell, that doesn’t stop some people from celebrating.
December 20 Go Caroling Day There is no information about where or when this holiday began that I could find.There is some conflict over the date. It is documented on most calender sites and E card companies as December 20.However, a small number of sites reports it as December 19.
December 21 Chanukah – Hanukkah ( Lasts 8 days)Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, is best known as the winter holiday when Jewish people light the “menorah” and exchange gifts.Hanukkah — alternatively spelled “Chanukah” or “Hanukkah” — commemorates the victory of the Jews over their Greek rulers in the mid-second century B.C.E.
December 21 Forefather’s Day Forefather’s Day commemorates the pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock on December 21, 1620.The pilgrims originally set sail in two ships, the Speedwell and the Mayflower. The Speedwell leaked so badly, they were forced to return to England. Ultimately, they set sail much later from England than they had planned.If you are not from New England, chances are this is the first time you have heard of Forefather’s Day.
December 21 Humbug Day Created by, not sure when, it is intended to …”Allow everyone preparing for Christmas to vent their frustrations.Twelve humbugs allowed.”
December 21 Look on the Bright Side Day Nope…I didn’t find any factual information about this holiday.However, the definition of Look on the Bright Side is:To focus the attention on favorable aspects of a situation; to minimize attention to possible negative or unfavorable factors in a situation.”Maybe today was intended to remind us there is always a bright side.
December 22 Winter Solstice (shortest day of the year)Winter Solstice has been celebrated in cultures all over the world over for thousands of years.This marks the start of the solar year and is a celebration of Light and the rebirth of the Sun.In old Europe, it was known as Yule, from the Norse, Jul, meaning wheel.
December 23 Festivus Festivus is an annual holiday invented by Reader’s Digest writer/editor Dan O’Keefe.Introduced on the TV show Seinfeld, the holiday is celebrated December 23, often to avoid the Christmas rush.Practices include “Airing of Grievances”, when a person tells everyone else all the ways they’ve disappointed him/her over the past year.  After a Festivus , the “Feats of Strength” are performed, wrestling the head of the household to the floor, thereby pinning him or her .
December 24 National Egg Nog Day Also known as an Egg Flip, the predecessor of today’s eggnog is believed to have started life in England as early as the 8th Century.Originally a concoction made of milk mixed with alcohol, beer and perhaps some spices, it was known as a posset and was initially taken for medicinal purposes.By the 1550s, Egg Flips had become a more fashionable drink amongst the upper classes. gift.
December 25 Christmas Day One of the most popular holy days for Christians, Christmas honors the birth of Jesus.The earliest records mention a feast held in the Church at Alexandria, Egypt, around AD 200, to honor the Nativity.The celebration of Christmas did not become a church-wide celebration until the late third and early fourth centuries.
December 26 Kwanzaa Actually celebrated December 26 – January 1.Kwanzaa is a Swahili word that means “first” and signifies the first fruits of the harvest.From December 26 to January 1, many people of African descent in America-celebrate Kwanzaa.Kwanzaa is a Celebration of Family, Community and Culture.
December 27 National Fruitcake Day This holiday is referred to as a “National” day. However, I didn’t find any congressional records or presidential proclamations for this day.As with a lot of the holidays, they are still publicized so…have fun with it and celebrate it!Fruitcake Day is celebrated as part of the festive season, when homemade fruitcakes are often sent as gifts to one’s friends/family/loved ones.
December 28 Card Playing Day No one really knows how Card Playing Day started, but from what I can tell,  more and more people are celebrating it each year.Not sure how it can be a “National Holiday” but people do call it that anyway.  Maybe it’s a great day to get together with family and friends.
December 29 Pepper Pot Day As some stories go, National Pepper Pot Day honors the pepper pot, a thick spicy soup first created on December 29, 1777.During the Revolutionary War, the Continental Army the soldiers were running very low on food because the farmers in the area sold all their food to the British Army. Christopher Ludwick, the baker general of the Continental Army, gathered whatever food he could find to in order to feed the frail soldiers.The chef was able to find scraps of tripe, meat, and peppercorn. He mixed the ingredients together created the hot spicy soup. It was called by some as “the soup that won the war.”
December 30 National Bicarbonate of Soda DayThe ancient Egyptians used natural deposits of sodium bicarbonate as a cleansing agent like soap. In 1791 French chemist Nicolas Leblanc produced sodium bicarbonate as we know it today.Did you know that baking soda can even be used as an antacid to treat indigestion and heartburn?Some think Sodium bicarbonate deserves a whole day of celebration!
December 31 New Year’s Eve Observed annually, the final day of any given year. Some celebrate New Year’s Eve dancing, eating and consuming alcoholic beverages.Or perhaps you watch or light fireworks to mark the incoming year.Certainly New Year’s Eve is a time to reflect and celebrate all the blessings of the year just ending.


Gotta go now! There’s holidays to celebrate.

Until Next Week…be safe and enjoy.


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