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Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To LiveThis week we’re going to look at another gem close to the Piedmont NC best places to live of Charlotte.

Located within the metropolitan area this city bills itself as “Charlotte’s Best Neighborhood.”

Welcome to Monroe North Carolina.

It’s great to have you on our journey through the best North Carolina and South Carolina small towns and cities.

NC and SC small towns and cities with populations between 30,000 and 50,000 people.

We last visited the Piedmont North Carolina best places to live of  Kannapolis.

Kannapolis is a good example of all the advantages of looking for your best places to live in the Carolinas in a smaller city or town located near a rapidly growing metropolitan area.

If you missed it, the main point was …

SC and NC best places to live small cities or towns located near a rapidly growing metropolitan area provides the best of both worlds.

Just a few of which are;

While being close you have the advantages of a metropolitan area with easy access to and larger selection of:

  • resources
  • services
  • amenities
  • culture
  • cultural events;

and the list goes on.

It’s important for you to get the most for your money when deciding on your SC and NC best places to live.  Either for relocation of your family or retirement.  And small cities and towns in SC and NC best places to live are a good bet and definitely worth considering.

Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To Live

The city of Monroe is located roughly 25 miles southeast of Charlotte NC on Rt. 74.

Like Kannapolis NC it has benefited greatly from Charlotte’s rapid economic development.  As well as those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city.

In fact, Monroe’s population has grown by almost 50% in the last ten years.  And if there is one concern among residents it’s that the rapid development has brought more traffic.

If you drive along Rt. 74 you’ll notice the increase in popularity has also brought a lot of new businesses, hotels, restaurants and investments to Monroe.

This type of growth helps enhance the quality of life you can expect in Monroe.  And it certainly can enhance the job prospects of those of you looking for work.

Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To Live GuidePiedmont North Carolina Best Places To Live Guide

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My favorite place in Monroe is its beautiful, classic downtown. Its tree lined streets, quaint shops, historic buildings and genuinely laid back atmosphere.

It’s a great place to take a walk.

Check out the daily farmer’s market.  Or take in one of Monroe’s many festivals like the annual Blooming Arts Festival or Waxhaw Scottish Fair and Games.

Best of all good planning and zoning regulations ensure downtown Monroe will remain a special place.Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To Live Perhaps even your NC best places to live.

When it comes to housing, Monroe is very affordable and literally has something for everyone.

Single-family homes, townhouses, condominiums, apartments, multi-family housing, manufactured housing, farmland and plots of land to build on are all available.

When looking for housing, you’ll find that three bedroom single-family homes are the most common type of housing on the Monroe market.

The median age of the local housing stock being only about 23 years old suggesting a lot of newer housing on the market.

Overall, the median property tax bill in Monroe is a few hundred dollars less than what you’d find in nearby Charlotte.

If your predisposed to renting popular rental options include single-family homes and townhouses.

Another intangible benefit to living in Monroe NC is a mild distinct four season Piedmont climate.  It allows you to enjoy all types of outdoor recreation year round.

Nearby Cane Creek Park is a popular outdoor destination.  And a place you can enjoy hiking, biking, fishing and horseback riding.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot that Monroe is in a section of North Carolina known for its horses and equestrian industry.  And is actually home to one of the best steeplechase courses in the country.

While Monroe is about an hour west of the NC best places to live of Pinehurst, it is also home to several quality public and private golf courses.  For those of you wanting to spend your free time out on the links.

Yet again I would be remiss if I forgot to mention that nearby Charlotte provides cultural activities, sporting events and nightlife that you may want to check out as well.

Well I’m out of time but I’ll see you next week! We’ll continue to move across the southern Piedmont NC best places to live.

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See You next week!

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