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A lot of people have contacted me recently wanting information about where the NC best places to live.  Best Places to relocate or retire to in a college or university town.NC Best Places To Live College Cities and Towns

What a fantastic topic!  And one dear to my heart.

So here is a little primer on the NC best places to live best college and university towns/cities.

Why are so many people interested in relocating or retiring to a NC Best Places to live college or university town or city?

Frankly, NC best places to live college and university towns/cities are very popular places.

At last count, North Carolina has over 60 four-year public and private universities and 58 two-year community colleges in communities ranging from major cities to small rural towns.

Whether young or old.  New student, relocating young family or relocating retirees.  Living in a college or university town/city in North Carolina may be Your best place to live in NC.

In talking with hundreds of people, here is a list of the reasons. These are the reasons I’ve been given for deciding their NC best places to live is in a college or university town/city.

Great Atmosphere and Diversity:

  • College and university towns and cities tend to have  younger populations.  And people really like the vibrancy of the local social, cultural and economic scene.
  • You are virtually guaranteed to find people from all over the country.  And all walks of life meaning you will connect with people like yourself who’ve also made the move to North Carolina.


  • College and university towns and cities have populations that are well educated.  And they tend to be cities and towns that strongly value education.  Local schools are great which is fantastic for young families looking to relocate.
  • Moreover, many colleges and universities in North Carolina have lifelong learning programs. These programs are geared toward retirees and others seeking continuing education in the community which I’ve talked at length about before.

Culture and Entertainment:

  • College and university campuses are centers not merely for learning but culture and entertainment second to none.
  • Museums, orchestra and choral groups, popular national touring bands, movie previews, and on and on.  And don’t forget about sports.
  • College basketball season is definitely a crowd pleaser in North Carolina.

Affordable Housing:

  • Most college and university towns and cities have a housing market geared toward young people with very limited money.  Invariably offers you great opportunities to save money.

Business and Career Opportunities:

  • College and university towns and cities are fantastic places to either start a new business or a new career.
  • In several places in North Carolina, entrepreneurial business people from across the country have flocked to take advantage of high quality college graduates and the educational institutions that produce them.
  • Look at places like the Research Triangle area (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) or Wilmington NC to see what I mean.

North Carolina Best Places To Live Guide

North Carolina Best Places To Live Guide

Start Your New Life Right In NC!

Now that you have a few of the reasons to look in their direction, here are my top five NC best places to live in a college or university town or city.

Asheville NC: As most of you already know,  Asheville NC has long been one of my favorite NC best places to live.

It’s well known for its great restaurants, nightlife, and its arts and music scene.

Asheville NC Best Places To Live NC MountainsIt also happens to be home to the University of North Carolina Asheville.

Asheville NC is also home to the  world famous North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement.

Which provides lifelong learning opportunities for those entering their next new phase in life.

Boone NC is a sleepy mountain town in the northwest corner of North Carolina.  And home to Appalachian State University.  With a student enrollment of about 12,000.

NC Best Places  To Live Boone NCMain street Boone NC is colorful, the atmosphere is friendly, and the surrounding natural beauty is wonderful.

If you’ve decided a NC best places to live small town is your best place and you love the college lifestyle.

Boone NC is definitely a NC best places to live you need to check out.

Best of all real estate in Boone is more affordable than a lot of neighboring mountain towns.

Chapel Hill NC is home to the state’s premiere public university… the University of North Carolina.

NC best places to live Chapel HillKnown as one of the Best Places in the country to live, work and play.  There is no doubt that UNC has a lot to do with the Chapel Hill NC area earning that distinction.

You’ll love Chapel Hill’s small town feel and all the intangibles that UNC has to offer.

While a bit more expensive.  Still by some standards very affordable housing.

Durham NC is home to Duke University and combines a small town feel with the cutting edge amenities and attractions of a larger city including an award winning education system, health care facilities and great shopping.

Duke University is also home to an Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.

For those of us whose college years are long gone but not forgotten.   This means you can always take classes for a new career or just for pleasure.

Wilmington NC if you love being not far from the water and beaches. Wilmington NC is a great pick.

NC Best Places To Live Coastal Wilmington NCWhat many people don’t realize is that Wilmington NC is also home to some very highly rated colleges including UNC-Wilmington and Cape Fear Community College.

UNCW has an Osher Lifelong Learning Institute as well.

Now, if  South Carolina is where you have decided you want to relocate or retire, come back next week when we look at living in a college or university town/city in South Carolina!

Interested in more NC Best Places College Towns?  Check out the complete list here.

See You Next Week!

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