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South Carolina Best Places To Live Small Cities and TownsWell we’re heading into the home stretch of our journey through  North Carolina and South Carolina best places to live.

Small cities and towns that is.

Remember, this trip was all about visiting those small cities and towns in North Carolina and South Carolina with a population of 30,000 or less.

Our next journey will be through North Carolina and South Carolina cities and towns with a bit larger population.

At this point, I’m not sure how long we’ve been going back and forth across the Carolinas.

So far we’ve covered the South Carolina best places to live in the Coastal and Piedmont Regions.  And we’ve also explored the North Carolina best places to live in the Coastal and Piedmont regions.  As well as the best places to live in the North Carolina Upstate Mountain Region.

So today as you may have already guessed, we start our journey through the  “Upcountry” or “Upstate” South Carolina best places to live.

The northwestern part of South Carolina is where you’ll find the southern part of the Blue Ridge Mountains and its foothills.  This is where you will find several of our South Carolina best small towns and cities to live.

I know, most people when they think of South Carolina think of beaches or tidewater river communities.

But believe you me South Carolina’s Upcountry, Upstate or Mountain Region is a real change of pace.  It has just about everything you could be looking for.

There is amazing natural beauty.  Abundant outdoor recreation opportunities.  A moderate climate with numerous cultural outlets.

Affordable housing and low cost of living.  Major colleges and universities and a diverse and strong local economy.

Is it any wonder Upstate South Carolina attracts large numbers of young families and families looking to retire?  Those of you starting new careers and those of you moving from careers into that next phase of life.

Whether for retirement or relocation of your family, the South Carolina Upstate region may just be your South Carolina best place to live.

South Carolina Best Places To LiveWithout further ado our first stop today is the city of Greenwood SC, population 22,533.

Greenwood SC sits in the southwestern corner of the Upcountry region among lofty pines and long lakes not far from the Georgia border.

I’ve always been very impressed by Greenwood South Carolina because it’s got a lot of the things I value.

Sitting not far from the Sumter National Forest, Greenwood South Carolina obviously has natural beauty and outdoor recreation in spades.  But it also a climate that makes enjoying the outdoors a year round proposition.

Upstate South Carolina Best Place To Live Guide South Carolina Best Places Upstate To Live Guide

Save Money Move To South Carolina Upstate Best Places

Another thing I like is that the convergence of several state highways in and around Greenwood.  Its proximity to major interstate highways makes getting around South Carolina, the Upstate region and even to the South Carolina Coast beaches that much easier.

Greenwood SC offers a charming small-town setting.  Lots of the amenities of a larger city.  From a diverse and healthy business climate to a well-developed cultural scene that includes museums, art galleries and theater.

Oh, and before I forget, don’t miss the South Carolina Festival of Flowers every June!Upstate South Carolina Best Place To Live

If we head 35 miles north on US-221 from Greenwood SC we run into our next South Carolina Best Places stop. The city of Laurens SC, population 9,599.  I did say small South Carolina best places to live!

The words “great location” comes to mind when I think about Laurens SC.

Not only is it near major parks but also other great places to spend time outdoors like Lake Greenwood.

But one of the best advantages just may be about Laurens SC is again, it’s location.

Laurens is situated between the Greenville, Spartanburg and Columbia metropolitan areas.

That fact alone has made the Laurens SC area one of the fastest growing areas in South Carolina over the last ten to twenty years.

Think quiet small town life.  With the added benefit of big city jobs, entertainment and services not far away.

Our last South Carolina Best Places to live stop today is in Abbeville SCPopulation 5,100.  About 50 minutes southwest of Laurens and not far from the Georgia border.

Upstate South Carolina Best Place To LiveTo say the area around Abbeville SC is picturesque doesn’t do it justice.

Rolling farmland, rivers, lakes… simply beautiful.

Moreover, Abbeville SC has a lot of history.

And Abbeville attracts a fair amount of tourists who peruse historic buildings and antique shops while strolling around a classic town square and green.

I love the laid-back atmosphere and friendly people in Abbeville SC and you will too!


Don’t go anywhere because next week we’ll be hitting more of our South Carolina Best Places towns and cities of less than 30,000 people.

I’ll be seeing You in the Carolinas.  But until then, I’ll see you next time when we continue to explore the best places to live in the Carolinas.

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