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I know when people think about living on Coastal South Carolina, the image that comes to mind is beaches and fun in the sun!

But today we’re going to move a little further inland from the sand, sea-islands and salt marshes.

In fact, a couple of the places we’re going to talk about today are still considered to be part of the South Carolina coastal plain.

The Coastal South Carolina plain extends well over a hundred miles inland from the ocean

Actually it runs as far west as Columbia SC, the state capital.

South Carolina’s inner coastal plain may not have a lot of beaches but it has long been the agricultural heart of the state and a place with a lot of opportunities for you to find your best place to relocate or retire in South Carolina.

One of the things I love about Coastal South Carolina is the beautiful green, rolling countryside but I think its also important to point out that there are a lot of charming, laid back small towns and farming communities in this part of the state, few of which have populations larger than 10,000.

Needless to say, smaller, more rural towns.

The kind of places a lot of you are looking at especially if you long for a slower pace of life.

Coastal South Carolina best places with a stronger sense of community and quite frankly you want your money go a lot farther because housing and other related costs are so much lower than larger metropolitan areas.

Coastal South Carolina Best PlacesLets continue our look at some of what I consider the best small towns and cities of Coastal South Carolina.

I know…

I just did a big lead up on living a little farther away from the ocean, but quite frankly we can’t talk about Coastal South Carolina without looking at one of its true gems, Beaufort SC, population, 11, 755.

Don’t take my word for it, check out these headlines:

  • East Coast’s Most Romantic City
  • “Top 50 Small Southern Towns
  • Top 50 Affordable Places to Retire

Beaufort SC definitely has a lot to offer just about everyone.

History, beautiful landscape, culture, restaurants and nightlife, outdoor recreation and all of it bundled together in a very unpretentious,  Coastal South Carolina low country package.

No Beaufort SC isn’t you’re typical overdeveloped Coastal South Carolina beach resort town.

Instead it’s the kind of place where you can stroll tree-lined streets past beautiful old antebellum homes while horse drawn carriages amble by.

Beaufort’s the kind of Coastal South Carolina where people enjoy the outdoors and whether it’s hanging out at one of many local outdoor festivals or spending some solitary time in a kayak I can guarantee it’s the place you will too.

Beaufort SC has gotten a little more expensive over the years with a median home value of around $216,000, or roughly $128 per square foot.

But so far it hasn’t deterred people, especially retirees, from all over the country from moving there.

Moncks Corner SC, population, 7,044, is a quiet Coastal South Carolina small town where the locals like to say “life is a little sweeter, and a little calmer.”Coastal South Carolina Moncks Corner SC

Located a little over 30 miles north of Charleston SC at the convergence of Lake Moultrie and nearby Francis Marion National Forest, Moncks Corner SC is the kind of small town I can’t say enough about.

Picture a mix of natural beauty, outdoor enjoyment, a high quality of life, genuine small town atmosphere and the advantage of being close enough to all of the things a big city like Coastal South Carolina Charleston has to offer.

Moreover, the median home value is quite affordable at around $135,000 and if you want to rent the average monthly rent in Moncks Corner, SC starts at $477.

Best Places Coastal South CarolinaCoastal South Carolina Bennettsville, population, 8,985, takes us even farther away from the ocean.

Up near the North Carolina border to an area sometimes referred to as the “land of farms.”

An old farming community that cotton put on the map, Bennettsville SC combines a beautiful historic downtown, a strong sense of community, and a pride in its local small businesses.

Bennettsville SC has a median home value of $109,000.

Remember if you’re looking for more information about these and other small towns and cities on the Coastal South Carolina please check out our SC Best Places.

See you next week!

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