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With spring headed towards the eastern U.S. coastline, I couldn’t help but notice, I’ve been getting a great deal of interest from you about the South Carolina Coast Best Places To Live Small Islands South Carolina Coast Best Places To Live.

Not just from those of you looking to retire to warmer weather.

There has been an continual increase in the number of families looking for their South Carolina Coast Best Places To Live near the beach!

Gone are the days when North Carolina or South Carolina were sought after just for retirement.

Okay, for the past 5 weeks, we’ve been going through some of the North Carolina Piedmont best small towns and cities to live.

This week we’re going to take a bit of a left turn and head southeast.

What a great time to plan your summer vacation and visit your list of the possible cities and towns along South Carolina Coast Best Places To Live.

Perhaps one of them is your South Carolina Coast Best Place To Live.

A lot of people are interested in life on the various islands along Coastal South Carolina.

Since I don’t think we’ve looked exclusively at several of the small sea islands that dot Coastal South Carolina now seems like a good time to take a closer look.

So what I am talking about when it comes to small islands that are some of South Carolina Coast Best Places To Live?South Carolina Coast Best Places To Live

Basically, a the small coastal islands are a long chain of barrier islands.   These islands line the Atlantic coast from around Georgetown SC down to the northeastern corner of Florida.

In this chain there are over 100 island of varying size and description.  Many are yet uninhabited and a large number are still only accessible by boat or other means.

Along Coastal South Carolina, many of these sea islands have long been tourist destinations.  Their beautiful natural environments and tourism as well as real estate are pretty much the local economy.

The closer to the water you are, the more you can expect to pay for housing.  On some islands the only communities are pricier exclusive South Carolina Coast Best Places To Live planned communities.

Moreover, you’ll have to take into account the cost of multiple types of mandatory insurance to prepare you for tropical storms and hurricane season.

SC Coastal Best Places To Live Retire Or RelocateSouth Carolina Coast Best Places To Live

Start Your Life In Coastal SC In The Right Place

Ultimately, small islands of Coastal South Carolina offer a sunny, outdoor-based lifestyle.  A laid back semi-tropical environment.

While some South Carolina Islands might not have the all the amenities and services you’re looking for you’ll most likely find them not far away on the mainland.

Let’s take a look at some of what South Carolina Coast Best Places To Live Small Islands has to offer.

Kiawah Island SC is located about 21 miles south of Charleston SC.  Kiawah Coastal South Carolina Best Places Kiawah Island SCIsland is accessible by car and is a beautiful 33 mile drive.

Kiawah Island SC is a resort.  And this Coastal South Carolina planned community has roughly 1400 year round residents.  However in season, the population swells to 8,000 – 10,00 per day!

Kiawah Island’s economy is tourism.  Based with a strong emphasis on outdoor recreation, especially time spent on its nationally famous golf courses or ten miles of beach.

Housing costs on Kiawah Island SC are quite pricey.

In general, you’ll find that the median home value is almost $950,000.

Median rental costs are also high at around $2000 per month.

There are a small number of stores and restaurants on Kiawah Island and no hospitals, nevertheless Charleston SC is not far away.South Carolina Coast Best Places To Live

Fripp Island SC is located about 20 miles east of Beaufort SC and can be reached by car via U.S. 21 or SC 406.

Fripp Island, is a Coastal South Carolina private gated community of roughly 887 year round residents with upwards of 3000-5000 annual tourists.

Only 6.5 square miles, Fripp Island SC has not only golfing and 3 miles of beautiful sandy beaches, but also much of the island is a nature reserve.

Median home sales prices hover around $317,000 and the average price per square foot on Fripp Island SC is $275.

Coastal South Carolina Best Places To Live Edisto Island  Look to Beaufort SC for shopping, medical services and regional transportation options.

Traveling about an hour south of Charleston on Hwy. 174 you’ll reach Edisto Island SC, population 2,632.

Edisto Island  has a charmingly underdeveloped feel to it with a lot of older homes and cottages and little in the way of commercial development.

Housing is much more affordable, the median home sales price being around $214,000 and a median gross rental cost of about $750 a month.

But like most of the South Carolina Coast Best Places To Live Small Islands,  cost of living is a bit high.

The U.S.  average is 100 and Edisto Island sits at about 222

South Carolina Coast Best Places To Live Sullivan Island SCIf you head north out of Charleston SC and cross the Cooper Bridge you’ll enter the quaint little world of Sullivan’s Island SC, population 1,891.

This is the place where coastal South Carolinian come to play.  And while Sullivan’s Island SC is a tourist destination, you won’t find any hotels.  Sullivan’s Island is filled with beautiful old Victorian houses.

And maybe an interesting restaurant here or there.

Nevertheless, it is a little pricey with a median home sales price of over $1 million.

Well, I’ve run out of time and space talking about the South Carolina Coast Best Places To Live Small Islands.

I’ll see you next time when we’ll look at more of our South Carolina Coast Best Places To Live.

See You in the Carolinas!

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