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Another week, and a look at more great cities and towns you’ll see in finding your best place to live, relocate or retire to in North Carolina.

If you’ve been along on our journey, you know we are currently looking at my favorite small towns and cities in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina.

The broad expanse of the middle of the state running from just east of Raleigh NC over close to Asheville NC in the west.

In fact today we are going to cover some of our best places in the western part of the Piedmont Region just to the east of Asheville NC.

Another thing to note about the western Piedmont region is that the closer you get to the mountain areas of North Carolina the more small towns and cities you find.

This is the part of the North Carolina Piedmont Region where you are entering the foothills of the Appalachian Mountain ranges that cross the western edge of the state.

This is where you find rolling hills and beautiful forests.

Fast moving streams and some of the most incredible views in the entire state of North Carolina.

As you’ve seen in the last couple of blogs, the western edge of North Carolina’s Piedmont Region is a great place to find towns and cities with populations of 30,000 people or less.

On that note, our first North Carolina Best Places stop today is in Morganton NC, population 17, 261.

Morganton NC is basically a gateway town.

Set between the western mountains and the economic centers of North Carolina to the east.

For a small town it has a unique mix of culture, high quality of life and so many leisure and outdoor recreation opportunities that it genuinely appeals to both young and old.

Moreover, walking around downtown Morganton NC is quite a trip.

From the beautiful courthouse that anchors everything to the ever-present classical music floating overhead.

Morganton NC and a great mix of restaurants, antique stores and art galleries.  If you want a closer look, check out our video.

Morganton, NC is also quite popular with retirees and has ranked with Retirement Living magazine several years in a row.  Frankly with a median home price of $90,000 and rental opportunities as low as $460 a month you can’t go wrong in Morganton, NC.

Lenoir NC, population 19, 477, lays just a half an hour northeast of Morganton NC.

Long known for its furniture factories, Lenoir NC is a Main Street Community which right away tells you there is a strong sense of community and civic pride.

Being near the North Carolina mountains means the surrounding countryside provides you with trails to hike, lakes to swim and rivers to fish.

Whatever you do take advantage of all the great community events including the Blackberry Festival and Concert Series at Broyhill Park.

A median home value of $65,000 and rental opportunities as low as $400 a month, means your dollar will go far.

Best Places To Live In North Carolina

Did You See These Small Towns and Cities In North Carolina?

Entering Marion NC, population 4,854, is a lot like stepping back in time to a very charming old North Carolina Southern mill town.

The last time I was there I was struck by how little life revolved around the daily grind; no hustle and bustle, no honking horns just people out and about enjoying themselves.  A median home price of $90,000 and a monthly rental opportunities as low as $400 aren’t bad either.

What I call a cozy North Carolina mountain paradise is Black Mountain NC, with a population of 7,500.

Very laid back people, good quality of life, and a business community steeped in the best of the local mountain culture.

Would it make it easier if I just told you Black Mountain NC is often referred to as “The Front Porch of Western North Carolina”?

Anyway I think you’ll also enjoy the $110,000 median home price, and the median monthly rental cost of $600 is quite affordable.

Valdese NC, population 4,500, has a unique Italian flair brought to it by the northern Italian immigrants who founded the town over 120 years ago.

I love the downtown with its beautiful flower lined streets and there’s even a local winery.

You’ll enjoy the local median home price of $82,500 and very affordable monthly rental cost of $350.

That’s all the time we have today but come back next week when we look at even more of our best small towns and cities of the North Carolina Piedmont Region.

Have a great weekend!

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